We Love Denim by Navyaata!

She was previously on my RAMRI ALERT and she’s back flaunting her panache. Here is Sitara Webster on the Asadh issue of Navyaata magazine for the ”We Like, We Want, We LOVE… DENIM!” fashion feature. Exotic faced Sitara who is half-English and half-Nepali can be seen showing the diverse ways in which we can wear denim. 

But let’s not forget our love for jeans, Navyaata has also done a feature for ‘Favourite Jeans’. My favourite one which I’ve worn to countless parties and have had since 2009 was bought in Cloud 9 store in Duwa Complex, Pokhara. Twas my most preferred store and I made a quick stop during my overnight stay in Lakeside in ’09. It cost me Nrs 1600 and I’ve probably worn it more than 100 times, maybe more. But wearing it proud. 
PS. If you happen to get a copy of Navyaata then do read my latest article titled ‘Being Nepali’ and let me know your thoughts. 
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  1. well ..bout denim ? they’r alwayz in fashion…maxi-denim that iz ok…ms.Webster! Ur a good example 4 nepalease (our) models…wanna see u on runwayz…XOXO!!

  2. u must be kidding with me.she is flat and u call her a model…. give me a break.have some boobies

  3. FUCK YOU MAN ITS NOT ABOUT THE BOOBS! She’s probably the best influence on Nepali models. Look at her shots, they’ve come out very well. Well done Ms.Webster! Keep it up! 🙂

  4. he is right…..she got no booobs… how old is dhe anyway….14..look at her……must be a kid model….lmfao

  5. oiee machika na randi ko choro lex limbu ta afai afai la chambu thanchas herda pheri gay boy jasto chas ani tero film haru ramro hun cha bhan chas tara tiyo film haru jasto hauda kunai pani hudai na lado ko tauko jasto ani tero to sathi lamo thopda bha ko dipesh pozer randi ko choro chaka machikana ko thopda puti jasto cha bhana da tero sathi ra talaie katie london ko party ma ya katai dekha bhana mara chas ki disable hunchas ani tero to budi bhawana may rai afula afai ramri than cha hola tar tes ko to galat vegaa la than cha jasko yetro over sano boobs cha chiya bhaluni na boobs cha na ass cha na thopda nai cha randi ko chori bhalu ni basiya samjaie da basi puti nafata bhana ra kati ko lado chusa ra pani

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