£1.9 BILLION To Be Invested in LUMBINI

Wanna hear GOOD NEWS? Read On Brothers!

Seems like the birthplace of Buddha – Lumbini will finally be on the map thanks to the assistance by China in transforming our Lumbini to some sort of a Buddhist Mecca! The scheme which has been backed up by Prachanda, Paras and a Chinese firm plans to better the existing airport, highways (general infrastructure), build more monasteries, hotels and even a Buddhist University. Fancy right? China is providing the £1.9 Billion (GBP) fund – lets hope the Chinese keep a close eye on the balance sheet as the last thing we would want is the bank account of Mr Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Mr Paras Shah to get more congested.
PS. India apparently isn’t too happy hearing news about China’s involvement in Lumbini. C’mon India, do I hear £3.2 Billion already? 😉

Talking about India, here’s a worthy news. Indigo Airline which is a low-cost carrier that had been operating in domestic routes is finally starting international services from this September. However if the authorities in Nepal give the go-ahead then Kathmandu will be the first destination for this airline starting on August 4. Now YAY to the Delhi-Kathmandu flyers as this means PRICE WAR! We all know what happened last time when Cosmic Air stupidly decided to ignite such a war, lets just say – history. Moving on, Indigo is expected to conduct 7-flights per week and one-way fares may cost around Nrs 7000. 
HMM. My only thought is – there’s already multiple airlines flying that route, why not try Mumbai, or other less congested routes.

Bruttthhhass and sisstass! This probably is the best news. Here’s a picture of a newly constructed bridge near Sinam gau in Taplejung. The construction of this bridge has now made life so much easier for villagers, tourists and let’s say even the animals that need to cross the Kabeli Khola. Also to me, as I shall be heading to my gau this summer. 

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  1. omfg!!!!! the bridge has fallen already?!?!?! what the fuck..

    very wonderful news… the buddha thing ^_^

  2. No private firm in it’s right mind, especially a Chinese one would donate £1.9billion to ANOTHER country that is irrelevant to their firm.
    Can you provide more details as to what firm this is? There is a lot of danger that this “help” could be a fierce tied aid in disguise.

    Even World Bank doesn’t donate that sort of money to Nepal, why would a Chinese firm?
    Also, it doesn’t make sense, surely with the current political instability investors should be running miles away from Nepal.

    Hmm something smells fishy here!

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