PREMIERE – Timro Samjhanama by AURA

The soulful band formed in Darjeeling AURA are back with their second video release for Timro Samjhanama. After the hugely popular MV for Angalera, AURA has decided to once again use England as their location for this video. The production for the video kicked off in early February and has been directed by Shishir Subba. It features the pretty lady Preeti Subba, Uday Rai & child model Samrat Nembang.

Subaan who’s done the vocals for Timro Samjhanama says how this acoustic version was finalized and recorded in less than half an hour. Head over to the Official AURA Page on Facebook to enjoy the original version of the track as well as to download other tracks from their album Timro Sahara (ek chin ko lagi matra so go and download).

AURA would like to Thank – 
Kamal Rai
Diwas Rai
Shikhar Limbu
Shamir Gurung
Suzeet Gurung & Family

Director – Shishir Subba
Models – Preeti Subba, Uday Rai & Samrat Nembang
Location – Canterbury, Ashford, Chillam, Wye or in short Kent
Song – Timro Samjhanama
Artist – Aura
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. ohh what a lousy song.. sorry. And the video is always not that awesome. I’m just being honest!

  2. the male model looks damn hot!! and i think he’s portrayed the role of a widower quite well too..xx

  3. Infact i loved the concept of video child artist too yaay tatz very rare n preeti looks extremely gorgeous to die tat young age lol song waz good aswell got to listen it quit few more times overall first class 🙂

  4. I was expecting bit more than usual typical nepali slow song cos the first video was indeed good….

  5. Omg … So sweet .. Well made video and beautiful models n they make a cute couple 🙂
    Everything perfect 🙂

  6. if only the guy had short hair gosh ,… for the 1st 40 sec i was like wow why is this gal taking that little boy to graveyard lol hahahha

  7. nice song n video……is this the same girl who was featured in subash timro???….very fresh concept…

  8. hmm is it about the song or about the models?I felt like am watching a movie and the song is like at the background just humming off.The MV is very predictable it bring nothing new on the table.The only good comments I see here must be because of the models they love seeing strutting on the music video.I felt the work had nothing great to offer and the song is very sleepy.If you want to make story with the same concept that i see in any english or korean movie but only nepali song at the background then I prefer the former then.I hope they make something that is worth watching.It stands pale thats all but the effort was good.

  9. Those ppl who said they dint like/feel the video are probably from another cold planet or something. Coz anyone wid a heart wud totally love and feel the song. The vocals were soothing to the ears and the video is also well executed. All of the models luk outstanding. This vid really touches you. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. The acoustic music is so engaging. Aura—you guys rock. Pls don listen to the haters. 🙂
    Loved it!!!

  10. Music definitely differs from mood but music should touch people from cold planet to people from sugar planet like you suffering from diabetic.Don’t listen to these sugar coated words Aura these people will never let you grow in terms of work and greatness they want you to remain just another copy of other’s light rather than trying to shine on your own.
    Didn’t find anything extraordinary except the effort.I could guess the storyline even before the video was released and if your interpretation of great Mv is predictable,another sappy MV then I guess you should find like those and enjoy.I thought this band was promising but i was wrong.One should try to create their standard not just feel good likable by diabetic people only MV.

  11. MUSIC VIDEO is not a suspense movie…all i hear frm the rude comments is that the storyline is so predictable and blah blah…music videos are meant to be simple and portray wat the song is about … not putting some thriller or suspense climax…i bet those dumb ppl would have loved it if the girl in the video coming back and living happily again … DUMB PPL DUMBER MIND…

  12. Music video is also not old stuck record that keeps on repeating same tale and harping on same storyline.Really ?the brighter people like you can only think of same story played for the nth time because there is no new idea in space of your mind.You need same type of music video for your fixture.It is good for mediocre video,next time people will already know what to expect .Just accept you don’t have any new idea to put forward .Calling someone dumber doesn’t make a mediocre good effort video turn into something great.Some people like it some don’t just accept it.Anyway since not many are thinking out of box,our music industry is going in snail pace compared to other.I think Laxcha video had that new spirit which is admirable.Maybe you are someone who accepts everything shoved at your face and maybe Iam not one of them.I said it is great effort by all but not as great as i had expected,Mediocre even if you being diabetic call dumber to people who refuse to accept the same thought like yours.Only dumb people revolve around the storyline and ending.Same story line can be portrayed in thousand ways if you have mind and talent.I am baffled by your thought that what we are hyping is about the story line ending,goodness gracious.I hate to say this but maybe Dumber is your name 🙂 Have you heard of thinking out of box??If you do the same thing over and over again you get same reaction,small wave in the sea.If you want to make impact then dare to try new ideas which is lacking here.Your lack of intelligence cries out DUMBNESS for you don’t understand criticism which is needed sometime to move forward.I guess you are that type of person who loves to live in thought bubbles and in sugar world.How old are you by the way??you living in lala land?lol

  13. Beautiful! veryyy touching story…reminds us that, at the end of the day, its all about making the most of the time u have, with loved ones 🙂

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