The most amusing thing I found from the marriage photo’s was the ritual of the American couple sharing the banana, like really. Banana? It’s just unusual – I wonder what the reason behind that is.
The couple got married as per Hindu traditions at Dakshinkali Temple on Monday. When questioned why they decided to follow the Hindu way of marriage Courney Mitchell, 41 who is a psychology professor in Colorado says “We decided to do it in Hindu tradition because there are instances of Hindu gods of same sex marrying,”. 

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  1. hasho po uthyo hau malie ta…tait hamro nepal ma k k hunu lagyo…..
    yedi yo bihe kunai nepali kt haru le garya ko bhaya society le gang gang bang garthyo….american bhayara matrai maska lagcha chor haru le…..

  2. Good…they atleast paved a way for homos in our country..I really hope the stigma n discrimination against them minimises so that thay can atleast have a breath of freedom

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