MORE New Magazines in Nepal!

Check out some of the new magazines that have entered the Nepali market. I believe the oldest out of this batch would be Essence unfortunately Lex here has to say that Essence by far has the worst cover, not feeling the girl ko fyaa wallah pose, the quite tacky font and a splash of colours which make it look like it’s done on Microsoft Paint. 

Teenz definitely has the best font for its header whilst Vivacity’s header font look’s like it was very much inspired from Navyaata. Folio is on my ‘watch out’ list already because so far they’ve had guys on their covers – before you jump to conclusion, I am applauding them for the fact that they are being different and using guys, there are fit men in Kathmandu too. AND most magazine readers tend to be female so it makes sense to have guys on covers. 
Girls are pleasing to look at but c’mon, tei same type of keti herda herda alchi lagi sakyo; on internet ‘modelling’ sites to these countless magazines = boring. 

Also joining the team of Teenz is one of Kathmandu’s popular personality Samriddhi Rai. We will have to wait and see how Rai will shake things up in Teenz after a not so kind feedback on my previous post. Well well well, don’t take it to the heart editors, reporters and writers. Take it to the desk and improve it. 
Yours truly. 

PS. the only girl that looks nice from the 3 covers is the one on Teenz, probably because she looks cute and teeny, that’s it. The other two… well with Vivacity – if it was some famous actress/model doing that pose then that may be interesting but if she’s let say… no one, then it’s not interesting and Essense… hmmm. No comment. O and our man Vinay looks buff on the cover.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Yup Folio must have something different and I also agree that its rare to find a boy read these mags. I have never read such mags in Nepal and I have no idea what they cover. I only knew one mag ‘wave’ when I was in school. It was favourite to the boys. I believe there is still a huge gap in the market for such kind mags targeting young male readers. I think focusing on only two things strategically would be enough: music and cool factor.

  2. To me,of those 4 mag covers. Folio mag is my fave cover,not because there is a male model,but because it looks professional !

  3. thank,
    i’m sanjeev.praja from folio magazine and i was very please to get so amazing respond from lex. And for sure we promise to give something new to our reader.

  4. hey Mr Lex. ta muji jati sukai comment gardai base pani khi hune wala 6ina bujis. haati lamkadai bas6 kukur bugdai gar6 thaha 6 ki 6ina. Essence is the 2nd higheat selling in the Nepal market talai thaha 6 ki 6ina.ja pahila ta survey garera aaija ani balla coment gar bujis.

  5. for all the magazine owner who the hell is dat Lex Limbu. tyo muji ko ho arkako magazine ma j maan ma aayo tehi comment garna. if u think Lex is smarter than u guys den jst make him the owner, reporter, editor, designer and everything else. all of u think abt it specially for the product of ECS,ESSENCE, NAVYATA,FOLIO,VIVACITY,VERSES,FOOD& WINE,WAVE.

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