Nepali Students in UK

Very relevant video. This is a documentary which investigates the contrasting lives that Nepali students in the UK have. To make it clear, students that have recently joined various educational institutes in UK from Nepal generally have it more difficult here as they come with a International Student status which limits them in terms of working and they are far from their support system; being their family. This is in stark contrast to Nepali students who have been living and studying here for a long time, mostly due to their Gurkha background. These fortunate students are mostly living with their family. 

Words from the maker of the video; Soya Budrathoki: 
I chose the name “NEPATHYA” because “NEPATHYA” in Nepali means “behind the curtains” meaning the importance of the backstage, the silent players behind the main actors. My documentary in a way compares the lives of those youths who have migrated with the people who are based here in the UK itself. So hence the Nepathya behind us, for example in this documentary with Major Tikendra Dal Dewan and Pushpa and their family, other financial+emotional support which plays a huge role in the background of their lives. I think the meaning of the title signfies the whole content of the project, that’s why “Nepathya” was chosen for the title of my documentary.  
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. who told u to go uk to study if ur parents cant afford ???? u better do it … this is ur fate bro … no body does nothing to no one so.. u live for ur self n u have to do it.. u challenge ur self. n u have to do it… n u can.. cuz when god closes a door , he opens a window. so, its up to u .

  2. why choose to come to Uk? to get better education. You do know that, you will have a harsh time than gurkha’s children. Obviously you did know that right? So why complain? You complain because once you get to Uk, you get indulged with all sort of people from diffrent background and you start to think you are like one but as you always know there is some restrictions which a person in student visa can’t do.

  3. malai bhakharai ko mache le comment gareko thik lagyo. Ani bro baba army bandai ma pani dukdass chaina. Mero baba army ma hunuhunthiyo. ani dui parkar ko army haru huncha re. rifleman deki gurkha major jun dad le banu huncha A-Z. kun kun army Z napugi pension jancha ki A mai pani jancha. aba ek jana army le A-l samma garyo re, tesko dimak tetimata huncha re ani teti knowledge matra chora chori haru lai pass garcha re. Yo padnun ko khowledge ko kura hoina you kasari chora chori haru hurkincha. Ani baba le bannu hunthiyo ki laptan captan ko chora chori haru jati lato deki pani experienced huncha re. Ani malai kahiley kai dukha lagcha jaba currently serving ko chora chori haru party ma dekchu, khate manche haru from khate back ground sanga dance floor share garirakeko. arko jan mutu dukheny kura tyo khatey haru le tiniharu lai normal khate haru ko chora chori samjincha. ani kun kun mache haru le captan haru ko chora chori deki rakcha bancha jaba ki when sabai jana dherai jasto boarding ki private school ma jancha. Tiniharu ghar aye pani khate haru sanga duli phirdaina, ooni haru lai baru ghar mai basnu majja auncha. ani lex brother yo message tmilai haina hai. aru haru lai ho. Timiley ajai samma j gardai chua thik gardai chua, ani asha cha tmi yo yesto pavitra kaam haru gari rakchua. acchh ani long message ko lagi sorry hai brother.

  4. ok im a student heres my experience:

    paila suruma student visa ma aune haru 90% paisa kamauna ako one of jasto bachelor padhdai gareka haru pani yeha aye pachi career chodera paisa kamauna tira ni badhi focus huncha.ani yo maile sabai dekhe bhogeko kura lekhdai ra padhai ta tyai ho.ani yaha manche haru ley certificate ko kura gardiye thiyo tysto certificate ta yaha college na gai na gai paisa diyo bhane ta jati pani banidincha.ani yo private college ko padhai ta ghantai ho.jaile pani fee kaile tirchas bhane matra concern huncha.class ma ni tyai ho.adhi student kam ma huncha tara register bhane lai paisa bhaye pugcha student ko problem baalai ho.hami sabai yaha paisa kamauna ra opportunity ko hope ma ako ho.ra yaha dekhine tetra sabai immigrant nepali,srilnakan,pakistani,indian,african,etc pani tyskai lagi ako ta ho.kati sahi galat bato bata sucessful bhaye ra passport pauna sake kati illegal bhaye.ani yo manche ley 20 ghanta matra kam garcha bhanne ta camera matra ho relaity ta tha nai cha.20 hrs kam garera ta ghar bhada ni tirna pugdaina.ani funny instances haruma bau.chora amma tin janai student visa ma aune pani chan yaha.ani laure ko chora bhayera student lai gali garnu chai galat ho hai koi koi lai bhaneko.kina bhane hami eutai desh ko daju bhai hau.ani just gettin a brit passport doesnt change that relation does it?

    ani about the girl kasto wanna be accent kya.paila ta tori raicha uk ayepachi ta accent pani british parna khojeko harey kya.k tysto garnai parcha?

  5. To the guy who is talking trash about the accent: –

    You are exactly why our country has not made progress. Her accent is a bit shaky at times but all in all I thought that it was very clear and quite articulate. You’d rather she talk in a Nepali accent? When a ‘gora’ tries to speak Nepali, he or she does so in a very western tongue and we laugh at the said person for that.
    My friend we as a society are very quick to point out what we perceive to be shortcomings in others but we are so oblivious to our own faults. At the very least you could respect somebody’s passion to educate and wipe ignorance from others.
    Your comment is extremely ignorant. You might say that it is your opinion and that you are entitled to it, but, an opinion without understanding is not an opinion but rather a prejudice.

  6. timi twake bahun haru jatha haru le garda hamro nepal ko samasya badeko ho..Nepal ma timi haru bhayeko bhaye lahure ko chora bhanera naramro bhanthis aahile UK ma ayera chai aautai ho bhanchas laaj pani lagdaina jatha TERO RA HAMRO bich kunai sambandha chaiina aani thulo bhinnata cha yo bhaneko purkhelli dekhi hundai aayeeko chalan ho..Jastai timiharuko purkhaharu le hamro purkha haru lai ladai ko maidan ma lagera timi haru pachadi basera order dine jatha haru..machikne bahun haru sale Nepal ma bhayeko bhae ta dhuttna matrq khojthiis ghuss khayera..tumuharu le garda desh bigreko randi bahun..CHETTRI jyapu haru saaab hami haru bata tada baa sale STUDENT VIS haru HAMI HARU UK resident VISA…hamii haru bichh yeti bhinnata cha bhujiss aba afai ta sochera BAAS

  7. ok im a student heres my experience: banney solta lai malai chinay. lekai bata chinney. none other than —.

  8. woah!!! so many negative opinions but i respect that cuz it is your opinion. and about the accent kura, all i can say is you need to be in UK from quite young. its not like you come to Uk at the age of 18 and after 10 years time you will have a perfect british accent. its all done during the time of nurturing. i think about at least 70% in Uk are gurkhas or ex-gurkhas’s children. but bear in mind some of there dad might have retired early and the children might have grown up in nepal and asti bhakhar deki matra ako haru ra arko khalko gurkha’s children haru cha still army mai ki bhakharai matra pension gako haru but was here in Uk since young or around teenagers. Sorry ya guys, don;t try to fake accent cuz you will be bg concentrating on accent you might stammer. so just speak cleary with you own tone.

  9. With all due respect I find it very irksome when Nepalese people who try to pull off fake english accent( mostly so far anyone who has been to Uk tries to do), pronouncing the word Gurkha ,with the English tone( see this video for example).We do know how it is pronounced and how it is said in Nepalese language.Gurkha with Go and not with Gar-kha.When French speak their word even while speaking English they pronounce their word with french accent,because that is the way it should be pronounced.Unless it is the word Juggernaut,for which I will use english accent,despite being our words,which has transformed in to english.
    Major Dewan has loud but unclear way of speaking,rather eating up his words ,if I must put politely.I had to play this video 3 times in order to understand everything he said clearly.I liked the guy who spoke nepali and also the guy who spoke english with Nepali accent atleast it sounds genuine.
    The girl who was trying to speak with brit accent ended up being silly which many ladies end up doing many times.I prefer better understandable english to fake accented but hard to understand english.As long as you speak clearly ,it doesn’t matter which accent you speak.I find it rather funny when Nepalese people are so quick to say any Nepali who tries to speak english after staying for sometime saying,”wow you speak with brit accent” lol.I think I even read somewhere In lex video someone commenting saying:love your brit accent lex” lol.If that is bit accent then ,I would rather call my accent Nepali:))just giving example)
    I will echo the thought of the previous comment,I have noticed many Neplese youngster has that incoherent way of speaking english which they believe is the Brit accent but sounds like neither nepali nor brit.I don;t mind that either.Give me Nep accent anytime but let me understand you first.We speak to understand not to show off our accent,that is my motto.It shows so plainly to the one who speaks that it spells out “AWKWARD ” to the one listening and watching.I rather speak with understandable english than tying hard one .

  10. And to the one who keeps on ranting what his father said and told.Please ,I guess your father must have forgotten to tell you but don’t worry I will tell you,”do not to Judge people for you will be judged”.
    My father told me there are people like us who believe that there are billions of people with billion point of view but humanity lies in letting everyone have their way of thinking and way of living that is why they have individual brains.No one is khatey just because your double standard says so.
    And there are people like you who tries to put everyone down just because they don;t belong to the check list of the thing you consider good.
    Like you I too don’t go out to parties or dance with every other people.I stay home and have dedicated my life to studies but never would I think that just because someone does the opposite things of what i do then that person is khatey or bad.Live and let it be.I wouldn’t even call the real street uchins who are mislabled as “khatey” by society as Khatey and you with your father and your double standard way of thinking tries to label people as khatey doesn’t sit right on my brain.Surely you and your father didn’t reach A to Z but have been A to B or A to zero.
    “laptan saptan ko chora chori jati lato dekhi ni experienced huncha rey”? LOl is their any manuscript where it is written?
    You and your father ,sad to say are far sighted and the sight reach upto your nose and your toes.
    Respect people whoever and whatever they are.By the way my father also worked in British army like yours.Thanx God he didn’t meet your father.Upright people don’t go labeling people bad.

  11. -from the guy talking about the Girls accent-

    Well as we can see from the video that the girl she studied in Nepal and everything so she doesnt have a british was it important for her to fake a brit accent and pronounce Nepal as nepol?so thats what made it funny.You dont have to be british you can be a nepali british with your own culture and stuff and live in britain.and the gora he speaks nepali in his own accent he doesnt try nd fake a nepali accent.thts what i was asking about the girl.i dont see how that makes me the reason for Nepal to not progress.

    ani let me tell you the reason for the country to not have progressed:

    First of all im not a bahun and my name is bibek limbu and i have come here as a student.ani tyo mukh chadne kta ko jasto sano soch bhayeko ley nai hamro desh ko pragati na bhako ho.ta bahun ma gurung ta sano ma thulo hami sabai eutai desh ko daju bhai ho so 21st century ma basera pani yesto racism adhi ko sochai rakhchau bhane you need to get a life bro.everyone is equal ani even though i am a matwali i dont see bahuns or chetris or newars or anyone from yr kinda view.ani resident visa ko dhak na lagau bhai u know how the situations were few years back uk govt. ko timro jasto sochai bhayeko ley nai u were deprived of equal rights as other british soldiers.they allowed so many indians pakistanis etc to settle in but didnt give the gurkhas their was for the british lady who fought for their rights and the government stopped their discriminating view against the gurkhas and allowed them to settle in.and you know thats the only reason u are able to write a comment today on this post.hehe.ani timi pani uk ma immigrant ho tara the british welcomed u they arent as narrow minded as you are.natra they would be talking the same shit about you.Racism ta aba history ko kura bhaye sakyo dimag lai halka update garnu khoja.hope this helped.

    la ma gaye aja night shift cha.

  12. God!! why do I see soo much negativity amongst us, it worries me. Why can’t everyone be happy in respecting each other.

    I do respect everything everyone said here and only blame ignorance that resides in everyone of us.

    I have every empathy with the nepelese international students and sypathize with them.

    With regards to accent:
    Since being from a very poor and underdeveloped country, we have nothing to represent internationally. So I believe the first step in bringing our country closer to these developed nations is to mingle in their culture – be it to practice fake accent (I do that 🙂 ) or be it to behave like british people and learn, learn and learn (their positive points – that is the important thing)(But be a nepelese in heart)

    Now everyone think why britian is such a developed country? despite of them being such a small country with not much stuffs produced in its own land?? surely these people are genious so Absorb, Learn, my good nepelese people coz we are the future nepal.

    and once all of our generation has the clever minds like british and once when nepal gets truely global recognition led by this FAKE ACCENT intelligent genration then we can boast and bring along our accent..culture … and other national identity requirements..

    we are not developed enough to keep continuing with our nepali accent and then get sacked at work just coz our british colleague cannot understand us..:)

    soo all of us .. lets join together in this learning process in this foreign land and mark nepelese identity. 🙂
    jai nepal.

  13. Regarding the ACCENT:

    thanks for the reply tara i disagree 90% of it.

    mero view anushar chai rather than learning the fake accent it’d be better to learn the good aspects of the british society.tysari bolda ta bolne ko nai billa bhaye rako huncha.ani also it doesnt sound pleasing to the dont become british and civilized just by having the fake accent it should show on how u behave and treat others.ani everyone paila think why Nepal is so poor and underdeveloped?is it because we are stupid?the answer is yes
    ani about getting sacked at work as far as i know u cant get sacked for such reasons.look around u Uk is no more just the whites its a global u think the million of workers that come from the european union they can speak good english.they hardly can.and they dont even try to fake the accent?thn why do we need to????ani sabai kura british ko jasto chorna khojera at the end of the day i doubt you will able to be a nepalese at heart.we can have our own identity as Nepali british in which the word Nepali comes at first.

  14. Everyone says- I love my country Nepal n all but continues to diss and insult other because of the caste and all. Nepali Nepali ek arka milnu sakdaina ra ta hamro desh ko stithi yesto cha. Pahila ek arka lai Maya garnu sikum, anta balla desh ko pragati huncha. Jai Nepal.

  15. accent – seccent kina bhannu paryo JASTO DESH TESTAI BHESH ho…..ramro bha ko ma ramro garum bhanne ta kaha cha kaha cha jat pat ko kura gardai ghagada garyo kam chaina muji haru

  16. Accent – language learn garnu ta its not that hard.. tara to learn the accent you gotta live in that culture… ani balla sikincha… so, its okay for people to try to learn accent.. its not faking! tara Nepal lai Nepol bhane… Tyo chahe atinai nai bhayo…

    Privileged: Red passport ho ki tyo residence weva UK ko permanent resident ko daak dine haru chahe.. LIKE ?Seriously? mero 11yrs old bhai born in US.. tells people he is from NEPAL and is proud to be Nepali tara.. asti bhakar UK gako haru chahe… British citizenship ko daak…

    Remember your roots and be proud of who you are!
    Don’t be ignorant fools!!!

  17. Beware of Nepali student who are in student visa. Bukka jatha smelly haru. Kti haru lahure ki lahure ko chora sanga love parnu khojcha ki ta biha nai garnu khojcha for better life. Kta haru ko ta kurai nagarum. Reason tiniharu student cha kinaki tiniharu ko bau hardworking choina. hardworking bako ba pahilai uk ki barti bayera uk ma ayera jatha student visa ma aunnu pardaina thiyo.

    ani tyo kti junchai le every humanity lies in letting everyone have their way of thinking and way of living that is why they have individual brains bandai cha, the sentence is correct but the meaning doesn’t apply when the topic is this. Ho sabbai ko dimak cha, sabai lai taha bakai kura ho tara sochney limit is limitless. every brain can think without limit but when you are growing up u are being nurtured by your parents. So if your parents is uneducated, there are disadvantages. Here is one of the diffrence:Lets say just for an example an Uneducated parents doesn#t allow a girl to go on her own re hoina. A educated parents will understand how a child should be brought and you kno. See the diffrence? testai khalo kura haru thuprai huncha jaha parents ko education matters. ani ho mero hola arko usko dad A-b matra pugyo hola but it isn’t his fault. That#s the full knowledge he knows. IF usko dad A-b pugyo re, he can reach from A-d or e or f but will be hard for him to reach Z cuz its too long run for him and without guidance but if someone’s dad has done A-t, than it will be much easier for his son to reach A-z. lala ma dhedo khanu gaye.

  18. Did some people miss the point??..who cares what she her accent was like..the whole point of the film is that you understand the plight of students coming from Nepal.
    Anyway, this is a hard thing for anyone moving away from home for the first time, cooking for yourself, becoming independent etc. Especially when for a lot of students- particularly male- their parents have normally cooked, cleaned etc. for them. The financial costs are always going to be an issue, especially if you are going from a third world country to a much higher economically developed country. This comes with the territory.

    The problem is that there are a lot of students that have come with the hope of ‘get rich’ quick. But as there is still a recession going on in the country, then it is hard for the normal Brit to survive, forget about if you are from abroad. The one consolation for Europeans and the British, is the Welfare state, if you can’t survive then you can always apply for benefits. Where can the Nepali students ask for help. Nowhere, as where they have a visa to study, this has been given as they can also financially support themselves through student life.
    What is sad from the comments is that people still have prejudices about different castes, and even now from a UK upbringing or even army Vs civilian. The greater the divide, the least likely Nepal and Nepali’s will progress.

    For the Nepal to really advance as a country, maybe we should just be open minded – even amongst other Nepali’s would be a good start! If students who came from Nepal, didn’t want to stay in the UK, and took the wealth of their educational knowledge back to Nepal, maybe our country itself would have greater advancement hopes too!!

  19. It applies here ,as far as I can see.Don’t generalize thing and just because people are uneducated doesn’t give guarantee that they are daft.I have seen many educated fools and I don’t know if you are one of them or not.You are generalizing people with your way of thinking.You are assuming that the only people who can go ahead are the one whose parents know A to the farthest of the letter.I have seen the parents who knows how to reach A to T .Some are very clever on how to promote oneself by using all ulterior motives and their kids are dumbest people I had ever seen in my life not one but two of them.Their parents are considered super smart in the army .Infact I have seen dozen of them to reach the conclusion that the parents who knows A to Z is not guarantee.It is a foolish assumption and underestimating people’s solely on status or advancement.Maybe you have seen things from your part of the earth but I have seen very closely from my side of earth to know enough of that.Sorry to break your assumption bubble I don’t believe there is a manuscript written it is a must and it is pre requisite.Don’t eat your common sense and mind along with dhido.World is big and changing and dad said thing is uhiley bajeko palama for me atleast.In this life who dares win,no matter how far behind you are if you are determined to reach your goal one can do it.I am glad billions of people think that way or else no one would try ever in life.You may go ahead with nepotism and knowledge but in the end what matters is your passion.That is the difference between people who really shine and mostly people shine with their talent not solely on parents A to Z.yes it has some effect but also lot of things in life.You are free to believe what u think and I believe what I think because I have seen people from both upper and lower crust and they don’t talk like you do.Oh yes the mediocre one they definitely sound like you kta.

  20. lmao, the writing style in here are similar to so many of my friends. Infact i can think of 10 names who write like this or is it called the nepali English writing style. the two or three people that are debating about accent also could be the same person.

    Why are you guys debating on a pointless topic or is it the same guy just pointing out to some matters that need to be looked from both side, if that is the case. Good job.

  21. n almost 4got 2 add. PLz dont’ refer any bad commnets to Z’s chora chori. They are like almost rare species, you guys can go diss people up to X and Y ,them being Captain and lieutant which most of the people who consider them self as high class. I dont have any motivational quotes but plz stop refering to Z’s because i have couple of friends who are Z’s chori and i feel bad for them.

    If you donn’t know the geniune Z i am talking about. Rank: Gurkha major or GM. These are the bada badis who has worked hard to becoem GM out of at least 600numbaris and you all should know every intake has only one future gurkha major. There can never be 2 Gurkha major from same intake. These bada badis worked hard for it and if they were to show off earlier about their staus when they were captain i am sure they woulnd’t have being GM. Have no time to say they are captain cuz busy concentrating on work for better life and promotion.
    So plz leave them out.

  22. What i have learnt after wacting this clip is that UK is better for Gurkha kids not to non gurkhas kid……………..

  23. no my fren, Uk is for both. All thse nepali students coming in students visa are here to study but in my opinion they get tricked by agency a lot. Most of the people in student visa go to private collage run by nepali. I even heard that some of the agency lie about the course they offer back here in Uk.

    My advice for the student planning to come to Uk to study is do your research first. because you don’t want to be spending a lot of money and arriving here in UK and realziing the coursei s not for you. I see this is the case with most of the stranded nepali student in UK. And the other bad part is the collage run by nepali , they hesitate to refund. With no money to go to diffrent collage here, they end up working and exceeding the 20 hours per week. On e of the most recent case which i know of is of my friend. He came to Uk thinking he would be studying in a big institution but when he arrived her he realized the place where he would be studying contained 5 room and the picture was of the buidling close by.

    i sometimes even think the agency back in nepal offer a person looking a for job because agency just wants the money and they might end up sending the person looking for the job to Uk to study a course which you have to attend once or twice only a week, and the rest work, work, work.

  24. First of all,thank you lex for posting this video; very relevant. But it’s sad to see the comments and especially the differences that people have created regarding the residents and students.
    Bahila bau baje ko paala ko kura liyera haami kaile samma dhani-garib, jaat- dhar, satta ra rajniti ko kura gari rakhne. Purano generation farak thyo ra tyo bela ko sayad bhinnata banayiyeti thyo tara tyo bhanera haami naya generation le teslai sudharna chadera tehi kura liyera haami kahile NEPALI bhanera aghi badhne? Eti saro ris kina? Ko sanga? K ko lagi? Nepal dekhi eti tadha basera aru laai afno desh ko sanskriti ra ekata jhalkauna ko satta,ma yesto ta testo bhanera haami kahile agadi badhchau?
    Ma US ko resident ho, maile pani yaha dherai Nepali student sathi, daju, bhai, didi, bahini haru le dukha garkeo dekheko chu. Nepal bata yeti tadha ayera kaam, garera, eklai basera padhnu bhaneko dherai himmat ko kura ho. Haamile ta ajha yesto yuwa haru laai hausala dinu parcha. Ghar pariwar ko maya payera ra resident status ma basne haami har le baru uniharu ko udhrad liyera afu le payeko sahuliyat ko sadupayog garnu parcha. Hammi NEPALI ra NEPAL ko Yuwa le aba yo sochnu parne bela ayeko cha. Haami sab NEPALI ek hau. Ahilee samma afu afu ma bhinnata lyaune ho bhane ahile ko pusta, education, knowledge, wisdom ko k artha rayo ra?
    -Jai Nepal

  25. Yes, although it may not be apparent, I’m the same guy who wrote about bahuns having a student visa and us having a permanent one. I didn’t read all your replies for i do not like wasting my time on uncultured people and for your information I have a red passport which I acquired as my birth right as I was born here. I’m a firm believer of everything bad thats been said about bahuns due to my own experience with them. GET THEM OUT and that cocksucker bibek limbu can suck on horse’s dick if he believes racism doesn’t exist in the 21st century. Bahuns are the reason why kamis were denounced untouchables. They were the creator of castism,self proclaiming to be the supreme ones out of 4 castes and 36 barnas aka subgroups asshole.

  26. a good documentary, perhaps you should also focus on issues about clubbing, drugs, sex, alcohol and general lifestyles of students of Nepalese origin who do not have to worry about work permits and visas etc such as ex-Gurkha children and children of other professional and non-professional people who are already established in the UK. a few more episodes focusing on these people will make this a very good documentary.

  27. Lahureko Budi bahunle padkaucha .. Lahureko Choro tyape ani lahure jadyaa.. Ani lahure family jaile poser huncha .. Ani bahun muzi chai lovi chado dhani huna khojne ཟཧཡཅ།.. Bottom line … Koi bhanda koi kam chaina

  28. radiio chora chairman!!! lado kha mero ta jasto khosta chair ma mero ghar ko kam garbey bascha muji!!! lado jasto muji bato ma sutcha rey student !! radiko ban gira ko lagi chatiiii aagdi badaira hidis ahiley hero hunchas mach

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