Who is Sweta Lamichhane?

You may have read about her already. She’s referred to as the the first Nepali Girl in Hollywood, a girl with big dreams and ambitions. Why not? If we have the power to dream then BIG is the way to go. Patan born Sweta Lamichhane currently lives in the US and also happens to be the first Nepalese woman in the United States Marines Corps. Sweta, who is now a US military veteran juggles many aspects of her life like a true star. From studying to working as an actress, model and a singer this energetic soul is already on the process of starting her own skincare and make-up business. 

When asked about the challenges that one faces in Hollywood, Sweta explains ‘Everyone in Hollywood is an actress/actor and if you’re not an actress, you work in the industry! The whole town seems to be competing against each other. It’s very cut-throat. I felt very out of place there.’ Being a Beverly Hills Playhouse graduate, Sweta fished around for auditions while she lived in Hollywood, however it wasnt long till she realized that her job as a hostess then was restricting her from pursuing her creative path. To be content and satisfied Sweta made her big move to the Eastside to which she credits for the good thing’s that have happened so far. 

Since then Sweta now boasts of receiving good amount of call backs, projects and green light at auditions. Lamichhane will also be showcasing her triple threat when she releases her album for which the first single is already online; Little Thing Called Love. This year alone Sweta worked in four independent films which will all be screened at various film festivals including the Sundance. Having just been nominated for the ‘Human Values Award’, Hollywood should surely watch out for Sweta and we should encourage this Nepalki chori to consistently work harder and grow.

Key Projects So Far:
”The Pretend Wife”

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  1. uff… it getting hat in here.Great stuff Lex.Nepali lay nagayko chai hoina k! Looking forward to her album as well.

  2. I remember seeing her in one of the episodes of greek..she didnt have anything to do but way to go girl..I hope she makes it big!

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