Raped Nun Faces EXPULSION From Nunnery!

Here’s the deets. A 21 Year old Buddhist nun was gangraped by five men in a bus in Eastern Nepal in June. The attackers included two teens aged 17 and 18. Now the reaction from the Buddhist organisation’s in Nepal is that the 21- Year old victim may face further ordeal by being stripped off her religious duty and expelled from the nunnery where she had apprenticed for the past 10 years.

Norbu Sherpa, an official of Nepal Buddhist Federation says Such a thing never happened in the Buddha’s lifetime. He did not leave instructions about how to deal with the situation. Buddhists all over the world adhere to what he had laid down: that a person can no longer be considered ordained in case of having a physical relationship. It’s applicable to both men and women.’

shocker. Really, even though it hasn’t happened before I really feel that this is simply unjust. What do you guy’s think? Is this fair on the nun? Hey’ she didn’t ASK to be RAPED!

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  1. 17 and 18 kasto khatey haru raicha ….i feel really sad for nun ..she is suffering from such pain tesmathi k bhaneko yesto …he is nun and should be nun …and buddhist ma its always about helping human, giving and sharing love soo …..she is nun and i do respect her even after such incident …

  2. y boyzzz do cheap things like this n gals have to suffer for it…???i cant stand this……..my blood is boilin like anything rit now….they ruined her lyf.bloody fukerzz…poor nun.i feel sorry for her.hope c will get courage to fight………….

  3. “It didn’t happen in Buddha’s life, we are clueless about what to do cause we don’t have our own mind so we will just do what the first paragraph of the religious book states” – Lol…what a joke these so called gurus on the path of enlightenment are adhering to. Haven’t those gurus heard the Buddha’s life story that one hand doesn’t clap, it takes two to be wrong. Just because you accuse the poor nun to be wrong, doesn’t mean you guys are saints also.Suppose, you monks are disappeared and she is alone, will she still be sinful alone in this earth? I bet not. Use your own mind to make rightful decisions, don’t be robotic and stupid to follow whatever the religious texts or even Buddha says, that’s the main teaching of Buddha himself.

  4. really shame on those monks who decided this on nun….they rather don’t deserve to be monks….those 5 chaps need to be given death sentence…definitely God is counting on them..

  5. Poor Nun T.T ,It’s not the Religion that’s polluting,It’s the monks themselves polluting religion and this doesn’t apply to Buddhism only but other religion too which I’m observing and concluding my analysis.I hope and Pray for the girl’s future.If Buddha was still here he wouldn’t mind this situation but hold that poor girl’s hand and encourage not to give up which is just my prediction ,Now-a-days I’m against religion.

  6. This news is very surprising and unjust considering the fact that a number of Buddha’s followers during his time included women who had had been in physical relationships with/without their will and later chose the path towards enlightenment in search of eternal peace.
    AND Buddha accepted them!!
    So, what is this official guy’s problem about Buddha not leaving instructions regarding this? Hello, It’s common sense and a little research into Buddhist scriptures ..

  7. Why doesn’t the article say anythin abt those 5 bastards? Wat happened to them? Were they sentenced to prison or wat? I rly agree wid one of the comments above which said, guys do cheap things like this and the women have to suffer and bear the humiliation. God is watching so those men will surely face hell on earth. Paap dhuri bata karaucha ni. And the sad thing is The whole world is going crazy. We don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong anymore. I guess dooms day rly is coming near. Sansaar ma besi paap bhayera aba pralaya awashya aucha jasto cha. (sighs) :-(((

  8. “One who has physical relationship either man or woman can no longer be a budhhist.” This sentence is so prickling. I am hindu and I do know about buddhist and am very certain that the Lama has to have “sex” either the “maili” daughter taken from the buddhist family accepts or denies.Either way she ends up carrying future heir ie. “another lama” . I wish the Buddhist Federal ‘s spokesperson or whosoever spilled this nonsense should have been cautious before uttering those unhealthy comments. He seems to be so lighthearted that it didn’t happen during buddha’s period. I wish if there really be rebirth he be a nun, I dunt wanna ill-wish so he be gangraped by dozens and yet accepted in his religious habitat cause existence of such ignorance and lame excuses is shame to not only Buddhists but humanity as well and yeah eternally .

  9. y even buddha had sex wid his wife n gave birth to a son!!!! he had a physical relationship!!! its absurd to say dat such a thing never happened in buddha’s lifetime.
    da nun didnt had a physical relationship by her own will, c was FORCED to do, c was RAPED!!!! for ten years c dedicates her life to buddhism n just cos of this c is stripped from religious duty n expelled! it is NOT goddamn fair. da attackers should be jailed for lifetime!!!!

  10. is not fair….how can Buddhism jasto dharma expell the nun frm being anney……Buddhism is about forgiving…..and she doesnt even need to be forgiven coz she was RAPED not a sex addict….its sad dat religions are turning bias ….. if nothing of this ever happened i m sure other nuns have brain and heart to evaluate wads rite n wads wrong….by expellin her they are causin more SIN if they wanna talk about dharma n paap.

    kasto 17 18 ko bajyo haru hola…..i think we must find those guys and punish them…..may b make them monks a strict ones…so dat they never lay themselves over a women……ki kaso…..


  11. When we understand the mechanism of karma, all phenomena becomes understandable. Cause and effect is one of the key teachings of buddhism. In that sense, Buddhadharma is very logical.
    I would however raise eyebrows about what the leader of the organisation mentioned in the post about how such a thing never happened during Buddha’s time. One of the high Lamas whose teachings i try to follow have said that during Buddha Shakyamuni’s time there was a nun in retreat doing her meditations. Similar to this story, men in the village raped her one day. When this news spread among the disciples of Buddha, fingers were pointed at her and if she should remain in the sangha. Buddha however, asked her if she intended for that to happen. She said, No. Then Buddha Shakyamuni allowed her to remain in the sangha. This is what one of the Rinpoche’s have said.

    I would also question if the incident is true? No offence, but how reliable is the news source?

    If it’s true it’s unfortunate to see a sangha disrobed.

  12. Actually those kids should be stabbed thousand times publicly so as to show what would be the result of doing such horrible thing – they are now threat not only to the nun but also other women, girls of Nepal- Lastly it is unjust for the poor lady-

  13. Don’t make Buddhism a Big Joke in the World.
    Why should anyone follow a path of GOD that is not there for you in need.

  14. it is unfair to nun she didn’t ask to teen boys and other 3 people come rape .And Buddhist organization also doing helpless to her

  15. those culprit are already found ,thanks to the bravery and courge of sanghiya LIMBUWAN rajya parishad youths who went in time to help her and caught those criminals.Now lets wait and see how Nepal government deals with them. And buddhism sounds so fake and gay.

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