Nepal Unites is an ACTION

Watch the video above, it’ll well be worth your 15 minutes. He’s a great speaker, constantly mixing up Nepali and English during his presentation and making lot’s of comparisons and sharing anecdotes. This 15th July will mark the half-way of the 3 month long extension to the Constitution Deadline and Nepal Unites has once again slowly started increasing their activity. Also, Nepal is a country that runs on rumors. We need to make a habit of seeking clarification, if there is a bandha then it normally starts with a halla. As mentioned by the gentlemen in the video our unity when it comes to hating India is just uncanny. The recent hate event page created against Indian actor Amir Khan was just baseless, without any proper evidence it was written that Amir Khan had branded Nepalis as obnoxious and illiterate. The sad thing was hundreds of people littered the wall with derogatory remarks against the actor and India. Such incidents have happened far too many times. Next time you hear something say WHY, HOW and not OH REALLY.

As one of the person behind NEPAL UNITES – UK fortunately after our first and only protest we haven’t been able to do another one ( I have also been mega-busy) and this is mainly due to our busy commitments and the struggle to find enough interested participants to hold such an event. Nonetheless, I am confident given the right time and the right team we can repeat such activities again. Nepal Unites; the big umbrella has also been criticized by many for solely becoming a place where various personalities go to promote themselves or their products. I don’t know who these claims are referring to but I look at it this way, at the end of the day – they are spreading the message which is for Nepal to Unite so this is a win-win situation for all. No?

Give me your views on the video? Suggestions for Nepal Unites UK and do you really think people are just supporting this movement to get their screenshot in the media? Come on we have CyberSansar for that.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. It’s all bullshit if u don’t follow this guy. He is very practical. He has a very practical view, unlike our politicians. Nyways I loved the video n I support this movement all the way. Thumbs up for the commitment. N btw megabusy with the parties all day everyday 😉 n especially younger gen like u guys r all words n comPlain, no action. There wasn’t many at the protest or watever u did at the embassy. If it was a party there’d b almost thousands. Nyways something is better than nothing. At the end of the day, u r doing a very good job bhai, I envy u n your overconfidence :b

  2. yesto type ko teacher hune vaye kassam ma skool/collg ko exams haru ma khatra marks le pass hunthea sabai bujhera .. book padnai naparera.. abt this vid well good nothing more … i cant work on it but i did got the knowledge 😀
    -snhaa lol

  3. What a stupid analogy… Just because my neighbor is rich doesn’t mean i too will be rich…

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