HELP Saraswati Peace School in Gorkha!

Saraswati Peace School in Gorkha only recently opened in April 2011, this community school was initiated by an inspiring young Nepali; Subhash Ghimire. Let’s roll to the basics, the school is in need of further support. With already 217 children enrolled, this accounts for more than the built capacity of the school. It is in urgent need of funding for getting water to the school from 165 meters down the hill, buying computers (15) and building a computer room.

What set’s SPS apart is their focus on peace and their aim to incorporate peace concept in the curriculum. They are currently on the lookout for drama teachers as practical learning is what they want to focus on for the coming days. The small charity organisation that I am part of; LIVE FOR CHANGE will be contributing financially to Saraswati Peace School. A percentage of the amount which we have raised from various events in the UK will be taken with me and handed over in August midst a public ceremony (the other percentage if you were wondering will be kept in our Live For Change bank account to assist future fundraising events and other projects). However, even our contribution alone won’t be enough, if you can then please contact Subhash Ghimire and help him directly and I will still be able to collect funds worldwide through PayPal – and I shall level out the PayPal charges too. We raised £60 at the ART Exhibition hosted by Parcha Productions. ;D thankyou.

If you were curious then the village is called ARUBARI.

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