Dutch Tourist Nearly Raped in Thamel

Here’s news that most Nepali people probably do not want to read on my website, because most only want to read about positive things about Nepal but we cannot deny that crime has been rising in the country and who do we blame? Our Government?? The blame should start from the home, the education given from parents and our choices. It’s a sucky situation for all and another sad news unfolds itself this Thursday morning. A 24-Year old Dutch woman has filed a complain against a 17-Year old Shekhar Tripathi after surviving a rape attempt on Monday. It is said that Tripathi who worked as a waiter in a pub adjoining the hotel had broken into the Dutch woman’s hotel room through her window at 4AM brandishing a knife and threatening to kill her if she resisted.

Sad. To all the girls, tourists – be careful. I know people love to come to Nepal for ‘independent travelling’ but do let near one’s know where you are and don’t walk alone too late in the evening. Lack of street lights is already a pain in the ass and having to worry about someone jumping up on you is just uneeded. Aside from rape, even general crime is on the rise. Carry a pepper spray, or cheaper alternative – khursani ko dhulo.

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  1. …tara its so obvious ni like u said, raati upto late, its def not safe for girls to roam around. When i was in nepal, i, well along with my family were the ones to go to bed and wake up early, i never went out at night to visit friends, or for a night out….but it was once then when i and my sister was returning from my aunt;s home, i remember it was winter, so the darkness prevailed before 6, it wasnt that late i wud say quite around 8’ish sort of.. but it was quite dark, and of course no proper lighting on the streets, teti ko time ma ni guys used to ride off the bike so close to the pedestrian path,trying to come walk past really upclose and all those shitty disrespect towards women,pppffftt!!scaring us to death man ,, it wasnt even that late… both of us, we were so damn scared and we hustled and bustled to get home
    so u can imagine how it has become now, this incident was like 6 or 7 years ago
    honestly mannai parcha tyo raati raati eklai eklai MOJ GARNA ko laagi hidney keti haru lai, no disrespect or offense, danger nai chau timi haru sakni nai ho

  2. So true real story and the best way to deal with it, dhulo khursani ! 😀

    Tara real kura late night ma matra hoina midday mai ta woman harulai kta haru le ryak pareko nii dekheko chhu, that’s what happened to my aunt in Bouddha galli, those moron snatched her gold necklace right from her neck, from the back and they disappeared running. Argh! No help, no nothing ! This is the condition, poor Nepal!

    Ani hami so alert huda hudai pani yasto kura bhai rahanchha, chor le sun chorchha bhandai ma sun nai nalaune kura nii ayena, and then comes this Nepal Police. I wonder what the heck are they doing at the broad way while most of the incidents are happening at ‘gallis’.

  3. This is such a sad incident man. Hope that bastard gets his nether region cut up and fed to dogs and not dare to have dream of sex in his retarded adulthood. Rot in Jail bastard.

  4. It’s definitely danger to walk around at night Grrr that 17 year old moron has to be sentenced to jail his whole life bastard.

  5. Seriously I don’t get it if you need to fuck then go get a prostitute why would you force to do it with the ones who are not willing to do with you. and I also agree with not walking alone at nights so the girls should be more careful but this kinda thing happens in the day light as well. and even worse the ones who we call uncle has raped his so called daughter. whenever I hear this kinda rape incident it upsets me so bad that I wish I could cut their dicks off. (Pardon my language)
    but I really hope he gets a real shock in his dick so that he would never think of raping someone and the others would not dare to.

  6. I don’t know what it is but i find that 80 percent of Nepalese men do not respect women.
    Living a life without being bothered by unwelcome comments about your clothes or the way you look..is just impossible .. I find this absolutely disrespectful.Sadly this goes overseas with them a lot i’ve heard nepalese guys talking about people in trains in the most disrectful language ever but all in nepalese…which means they know what they are saying is not welcomed …. and not good but i ask ….WHY DO IT?

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