Dutch Photographer’s Exhibition in Nepal

This weekend will see a Dutch fashion graduate Sunanda Chandry Koning’s first ever photo exhibition taking place in Nepal Art Council Gallery from the 17th till the 23rd July. The timings for the exhibition is 11AM to 5PM. Do head over to Babar Mahal to check out how and what Koning has captured in Nepal during her two-month long stay. 

The exhibition is titled Hue/Saturation and is the presentation of Chomolungma UNESCO Centre which is an organization supporting artists, photography and freedom of expression. 

Sunanda is also one of the many people that I came to know on the course of promoting Kohi Mero, she is fully Dutch even though her name might give off the impression that she is mixed and is very much in love with our country. If you see a gori girl going to watch a Nepali movie next time then that may well be Sunanda. ;D

Hue/Saturation Photo Exhibtion Event Page (Facebook)

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  1. oh hero loving ur news dis days 🙂 ….have fun nepal ma..ma janu payena moj garera auu …i m so jealous …do update news ni pheri coz i will be bored in uk .if der wont be anything to read 🙂

  2. teita hana.. npl gaira chai jhanai badii npl ko barema hamile taha pauna paooshni… la la majja le enjoy pani garne… we’ll miss u here….

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