12 Days Till Top Model UK Nepal

The finale poster looks NICEEEEE right? Well I think so anyways. It’s only 12 days till the Top Model UK Nepal show takes place in Aldershot and tickets have gone on sale! There are three types of tickets; Platinum, Gold and Silver at £30, £20 and £15. Ever since I put up the Top Model UK Nepal page on my website people have gone crazy with their voting! With 24% of the votes Arun Pun is leading the way for the boys whilst Anisha Gurung is following closely with 16% for the girls. Over 1600 votes! Crazy! I guess the TMUK Contestants have been calling out all of their friends and frenemies

For tickets contact : 07511273797 (Prem Shrestha)
Lex Limbuhttps://lexlimbu.com
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