Shayaad – Trial Show

With the director and few cast+crew members of Shayaad
So today I was invited to the trial screening of an upcoming Nepali movie titled Shayaad, the movie is directed by Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ and it marks his return after Bato Muniko Phool. Along with me there were quite a few personalities in the small screening including actress Nisha Adhikari. Let’s cut to the chase, the movie directly appeals to the younger bunch of teenagers who are currently in school or Plus-2 level. 

Acting is brilliant by all the actors; the older bunch which has the likes of Jharana Thapa, Babu Bogati and co and the younger bunch of boys and girls really impress with commendable performances. Out of them Samyam Puri and Wilson Bikram Rai’s performance steal the show in the second half. Just when everything kick’s off and things start taking the turn for the worse Rai’s performance captures the audience humor and his comic timing is great if not perfect. Similarly, Samyam Puri’s character is definitely put to the challenge which he conquers really well. Few days ago I was chatting with theatre artist Subash Thapa regarding the common usage of loud acting in Kollywood and we wanted to see people show emotions and act without saying anything… well that was what Samyam did. Even when there were scenes in the movie when he was full of anger and frustration we the audience weren’t being told that by voices as done in previous movies but we could just see from the expressions that was given up. He certainly has the ‘act’ in an ‘actor’.

Shayaad is only slated to release around October/November this year and the movie now will go through more editing process to make it an even better final product. Now I never knew that trial screenings were even held in Kollywood. One should suggest all directors/producers to host such trial shows.
Lex Limbu
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