K Yo Maya Ho – I LIKED IT!

So after 1 week of it’s release I emptied my Friday to watch K Yo Maya Ho; Director Sudarshan Thapa’s second movie after the carbon-copy Mero Euta Saathi Cha. Having said that, I still enjoyed MESC. K Yo Maya Ho once again stars Aryan Sigdel alongside Sushma Karki, Saugat Malla and Arunima Lamsal in leads. The movie is a rom-com focused on live-in relationships. If you want to go watch a movie with a story with depth then this movie is not for you, however if you are like the majority who want to go for the laughs, be entertained by mindless comedy and return with a smile then this is definitely the movie for you. Its a lot better then the typical movies that have Biraj Bhatta, Rekha Thapa and the likes!
Though there are many JPT funny moments the movie does stick on to Nepali traits by discussing issues regarding why people do not follow the trend of live-in relationships in our countries and offer various different views on the subject. Aryan and Subash are great with their characters and Arunima hmmm – I still find her a very TYPICAL Nepali actress so for her to take on a lets say, a modern role was quite indigestable. Sushma Karki might be receiving negative press for her over the top acting but I believe she needed to do that as the whole movie is very much over the top and needs those loud acting to make it funny. Though the movie made news for being screened in BIG Cinemas in City Centre mall, it was removed after only one week! I had to queue up outside Gopi Krishna which still follows age-old system where people push their way forward and once I got inside the hall I realized I had to sit by myself as the hall was running over-capacity. Majority of the people that were watching the movie seemed to be enjoying it with outbursts of laughter and applause. 
I recently watched the Salman Khan starrer READY and I can say K YO MAYA HO is a lot better. And in terms of technicality the movie is a lot better than Mero Euta Saathi Cha. Go see it before the screening ends!!!
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  1. you’re so right about the conventional Nepali movies, the actors and the movie halls…herna jaane bhaneko Mom sanga..herum aba kaile ho milne..glad to get a review though 🙂

  2. A good and very balanced review, all the more important when there are few balanced and good Nepali film critics. Keep it up 🙂

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