Folio Cover: Who Is He?

I was browsing through Facebook when I saw a small thumbnail of the image above and I thought ‘o my goddd kaslee Folio ko cover ma edit garera Justin Bieber lai haldecha’, however when I clicked on the image and it opened up by occupying half of my screen space I actually realized this is no Justin Bieber but he is ANMOL KC, son of Nepal’s popular actor Bhuwan KC.

The photography done by Kishor Kayastha make’s Anmol look like the next chocolate boy of the cine-industry! Hopefully he too can get a fan following just like Bieber. Anmol’s debut movie Saathi Ma Timro is set to launch him big-style in the movie forte of Nepal. One can definitely expect it to be a blockbuster as Bhuwan KC is behind it 😉

PS. The cover looks too messy, there’s too much writing on the left hand-side and I am not feeling the font that’s being used for ‘Carrying the legacy forward’.
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. @anonymous Haha afta readin ur comment, I went online to search as well, instead I found an article on Bhuwan KC being beaten up by his married gf’s husband. Lol. Why are men so sleazy? Eurghh!!! :S

  2. Lex I am not very pleased that you removed the party nepal reviewed page. I wrote an amazing critic… whatever happend to freedom of speech? and I didn’t swear. I would say it was very valid.

  3. you’re right.. the amount of text used on the cover is waayyy too much and the font sizing.. jumps from one size to another.. hence giving the appearance of messy-ness also the alignment of the text… everything is squashed into the left size…they should of used that big empty space right there.. next to his head ? haha D::
    lets not even get into the bottom part of that cover 😉 little research and ref would of been very useful.. but really.. id be worried if that’s the real actual magazine cover :OOOO oh myy :O

  4. Dont you have some journalistic integrity to consider? you took off my comments and now I cannot comment in it anymore. Ever read: Manufacturing Consent by Naom Chomsky? You should… you are manufacturing an image that only you want. Please dont act like Big brother my friend. No censorship please.

  5. I am talking about Party Nepal here, not you Lex. Especially you Mr. Shree Gurung. Anonymous has an eye on you 😉

  6. he is goodluking as his dad …tara character chai nagaos bhuwan kc ko jasto dherai biha garney chai nahos ..hope for his best , to c his movie 🙂

  7. the thing about marketing is not to tell people that so and so is the new sensation at their face. It’s about sending those signals into their heads so people will figure it out themselves. It’s better marketing because you give people a ‘marketing puzzle’ to solve in their heads, hence it makes an impression upon them. I see nothing of that sort here… some stupid kid with the ‘latest’ hair cut… ‘srk’ poose… which also is ‘latest’.. probably got a phone somewhere in his pocket…. ‘latest’

  8. lex..just a free advice..don’t talk like a big guy if u can’t even stand by ur it sugaboi !!

  9. wat’s up wid nepalese tryin to be so wannabe korean??
    For me this Anmol watevrr. NO BIGGY!! BTW, lex too saw this nagazine of this guy in d’ cover& i was like..OMG!!

  10. hey people who u r 2 talk smthin abt sm1 u really dnt kno and specialy abt there private life. 1st clean up urself and talk abt other , eventhough ur really clean no1 has rights 2 say anythin abt any1 specially wen u really dnt kno them.

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