Party Nepal Outdoors REVIEWED!

To those who had commented on the review – thank you for your comments and to those that have already read what I wrote… you know that I didn’t write anything offensive, however it has come to my attention that the affected parties did not appreciate my opinions therefore I simply agreed to their request to remove my writing and comments.

Thank You.
The New Faces of Temple Tree Resort 😛
Singer Aastha B with friends
Hrishant . Marcia . Nattu
Rapper Manas Ghale with mitras
Looks like the guy got a bit excited!


Samriddhi  . Yachnit
The Faces of Naya Nepal
Lex Limbu
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  1. I think you’ve used very kind words to describe this debacle. Folks it was like going to a Nepali wedding, the dj’s had to too much to drink and were swearing at the crowd! The location was a disaster for partying, uneven, muddy and everything in between. No organization at all except in the morning when they came to collect the money, thats probably the first time I talked to all the organizers at once.

    Lastly, we were promised Temple Tree and somehow it got all booked, does shree gurung have no concept about booking over the telephone? I mean… you’ve been advertising it as such and just 2 days before the event, the bloody hotel is now booked? How does that happen? A major event is taking place… I am sure you could have booked it, like 2 months, which is exactly when you had advertised it. Thats straight up: FRAUD

    Here are some lessons for the organizers: beach parties work in places like Miami,Goa, Pattaya where there an actually beach. I know you’ve seen a few beach party videos on youtube but its simple logic to figure that this idea can be messy in Nepal. The whole charm of Pokhara is lake side, and event was 30 minutes away!! Why not a Pokhara street party? that way… you got all your dj’s playing to all the crowd.. which would be huge considering the foreigners around lakeside. That way people could go in and out of the hotel, would have been much simpler if the party was of walking distance. And you could still have breakfast and dinner included, just lay out a buffet for everyone.

    Mr Shree stop writing shit on your status update. That event was crappy. Folks dont be fooled by the event pictures, you know how excited people can get infront of a camera. It was dull… ‘never a dull moment’ ayy

  2. More things people should be aware of:

    See partynepal will never admit how much of a disaster this party really was. Why would they? I mean… who wants to shot themselves on the foot right? It was massive massive disaster, not just financial but also in the news of a lot of people who got to Pokhara from Kathmandu. I think I can speak for most in saying that we were not at all satisfied nor are we even glad we went all the way. Most of us thought it would have been better to have just stayed at home or smth. Dont be fooled by the pictures; human psychology is a funny thing. The victims at Aushwitz smiled at the camera, doesn’t mean they were having a nice time. So… dont be fooled by the semantics… ‘Beach Fiesta’ was a 1/5

  3. Startin sucked big time. But enjoyed the later part once Dj started playin. One of the finest music heard in Nepalese scene. Venue was super and loved free boating and accomodation. Temple was wicked plus arko hotel was super as well. Our friends loved it big time and waiting for next party frm partynepal outdoors. But make sure this time u arrange and manage things in good manner. Party Nepal Outdoors rocks.

  4. Management was not upto mark but afterparty was out of this world. Enjoyed the later part of the evening.

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