Varsha Thapa at New York Fashion Week!!!!

What a news to share!
20 Year old Nepali model Varsha Thapa has become the first ever Nepali to walk the New York Fashion Week. Thapa who represents Wilhelmina Model Agency made her debut at the fashion week wearing Prabal Gurung’s collection for Spring 2012. Check out the photos below. Though I don’t know Varsha personally, I think it’s amazing how Nepalis be it far or near are going up in their respective fields. Well done Varsha, you goooooo girl!

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. omg! u ARE the no. 1 source 😀 so cool seeing Varsha up there. Love how her ethnic looks look so original! i hope the rest of the nepali models also start aiming higher now.

  2. Was waiting forever to see Varsha on the runway. She def has raised the bar for nepali models. Congratulation to her! Hope she will be engaged in more bigger projects and well done prabal for support fellow nepali!

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  4. My brother Maharaja Kumar Ranjit Shamsher Jung Bahadur ranaji of Adelaide, Australia, who is the dad of Super Model Maya R L Rana, and from last year groomed Varsha Thapa, and put in her touch with Diane Von Furstenberg and Wilmina Model Agency in NY. My blog records the love my brother had for varsha Thapa. Varsha Thapa’s mum Romi Thapa is friend of Binita Mala nee Rana and we all Royal Ranas are related. Last year lap top Lex Limbu was kicked out from our FB for stealing Super model maya’s photos. Now you be the judge how this gossip campish gandoo is uno number one ichiban SOURCE from and of Nepal. I am the source directly to you.

  5. Trust me, I’m proud as hell a fellow nepali got so far and on the big stage. but why does she look so emaciated? I’m really worried for her. last I saw her, she wasn’t this skinny. I hope she’s happy wherever she is and wish her success(without compromising her health). Much loves, Varsha!!! <3<3

  6. Varun Sjb Rana I understand u have some issues……but i highly request you not to write anything on my wall trying to defame me. You are a fucking looser who lives in australia, if yout hink ur so great why dont u come to nepal and try and prove yourself. You are fucking ugly too…..u miserable old hag,Everyone in nepal knows who you are, and knows what a highly retarded human beign you are….get a life, the net is not for people liek you to pester others. I do not know you and I…
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  7. Varsha is a legend, shes gonna create history just like Prabal did.. All the luck to her… you guys are just jealous of her if you think shes not eating.. I know her, shes naturally thin and she eats the right amount of food.. shes just too perfect for ya’ll to believe I guess!!!

  8. Yayyyyy!! happy for her n would like to wish best of luck for bright future. Really this is very exciting moments for all Nepalese n we pray that she keeps our hope alive,,Jaya Nepal!!

  9. instead of being proud of her some people just find ways to criticise.. I mean if u think shes not good, how perfect are you huh?? I’m sure whosoever’s written nasty stuff surely are some fatsos,or jealous Nepalese models who just cannot think of making it any further than Nepal. Loosers.. You go Varsha.. You were, are and will always be the best model from Nepal….. we all love you and support you 😀

  10. this is a great news for all nepali people.. i mean guys seriously stop criticizing .. she is the first girl to be in a new york fashion show.. now other people will be inspire by her like from prabal gurung.. and aim for a higher label .. we should make nepal recognize in all over the world.. good luck for ur future VARSHA! proud of her 🙂

  11. Runway ko lagi thikai chha. kyaa skinny and face is not so wow…but I guess they like that kind of thing. still keep it up varsha thapa

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