Acharya : Releasing on 23rd!!!

I think this movie will work the with the city people and those that understand film-making! Prashant Rasaily who was previously an Assistant Director in the Bollywood movies Kites is all set to make his foray into Nepali films with Acharya which is a biopic based on the legendary Bhakta Raj Acharya’s life! It’s already become quite topical regarding if the movie will actually cover it’s cost which apparently exceeds 2 crores! Acharya will be premiered first in Sikkim where Rasaily comes from then will follow on to a slick Kathmandu premiere before releasing to the masses on 23rd August. This is one movie that I am really excited about and think will be praised critically by writers too. All the best for ACHARYA
Lex Limbu
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  1. Wow! the trailer loooks promising would someone tell me who is bhakta raj acharya??? coz I think I’ve heard of him but can’t remember

  2. Bhakta Raj Acharaya is one of the legend of Nepalese Music Industry. Music of those days used to be pure, sudha Nepali sabdha. Mutu jali rahecha is mine fav. But movie seems to be promising.

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