GXSOUL & COD Album Launch Party!

We’ve all sang ‘Ekanta Cha Thau’ a one too many times be it with our friends or when it comes to our turn in antakshari. Well COD are back once again and this time they’ve teamed up with GXSOUL for the song RAAT VAARI. These boy’s not only have the style but they are also doing it in style! Let’s focus on the video first then I shall jump on to the event.

 I think the concept of using the setting as the poolside is something which is so simple yet effective in terms of making the video vibrant, youthful and most importantly relate to the title; Raat Vaari. We’ve all seen our fair share of videos with poolside dances that have been set in the day and come out either vulgar or not so nice to the eyes but Raat Vaari has the whole feel totally different as at night it looks amazing. Kudos to the editing team for such smooth effects and fantastic lighting. The girls and boys who are shown on the video have been picked well and look at ease with each other. Raat Vaari was directed by Sanzip Rai.

Now here’s the HOT date! COD & GXSOUL will be launching their second album right here in London on the 5th of November! The launch party will take place in the all too familiar Lightbox in Vauxhall where you can grab a copy of the album Gorkhali Extreme and dance to numbers of COD and GXSOUL from 10PM till 6AM! Not only that but we have the most popular DJ Bickey providing floorfillers for the night. Also, not to be missed is DJ OLD KID, he surely has amazing RnB tracks for all the hip-hoppers out there. Probably for the first time ever there is actually a separate entrance fee for students and soldiers. A great move and kudos must be given to Lemon Chuchi and the organizers for thinking of this. Student ID’s and ARMY ID’s are a must I guess 😉

For ladies, it’s time to get those heels out and buy that cute dress you saw with the Bhai Tika money that you will have collected because what’s a party without girls right? And when you do not have to pay for the entry, this party is practically screaming your name.

ladies [FREE before 11PM]
7.99/9.99 @ Door

9.99/11.99 @ Door

20% Off Door Price

The Lightbox
6a South Lambeth

Saturday 5th November [10PM-6AM]

Event Page : Here
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