Atti maya lagne istiti chan yee pach didi-bahini ko. They are all living with a disability and are from a village in Parbat district. Through a programme run by Nepal Television the 5 sisters appeared on TV and have since received help in the form of donations from Nepalis living abroad. If you want to help in some way then the contact details are shown at the end of the video and for NRN Nepalis it’s all about trusting that the money goes to the right place since you probably wont be able to see the money being given physically. Good thing is they do make a personal short video with the mother of the 5 sisters saying her thank you.

Donate by:
Padam Raj Poudel (Director)



  1. :'( :'(…too much pain is mute vaneko yehi hola….evytym i c stories lyk dis i feel grt n satisfied wid i have…

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