Rekha and Aryan – FRENEMIES!


Now if you’re a keen follower of Kollywood then I’m sure by now you know that Rekha Thapa and Aryan Sigdel aren’t the best of friends. Whenever Rekha talks to the media Rekha is still a little too proud of the fact that Aryan is who he is today thanks to Rekha… quite egoistic of Mrs Thapa. Her reason is because she (her team) cast him in his first ever movie alongside the hot and happening Rekha in Kismat. Since then, there’s been no looking back. Even after Kismat the duo worked in several movies and it is said that their working relationship reached climax during the filming of Kasle Choryo Mero Mann.

Search around hard enough on YouTube then you will find a recent interview of Rekha alongside her new ANDAJ hero on Avenues TV’s Limelight where she talks about how there should be actors with discipline in Kollywood. She further adds that she faced a difficult time during Kasle Choryo Mero Mann as certain people would arrive on sets late with a hangover and with a ”suniyeko anuhar”. Who else could this remark be but to our Aryan Sigdel, no?

The video above is of the moment when Aryan and Rekha won the Best Actor and Actress award for Kasle Choryo Mero Mann. Funnily Rekha misses out Aryan’s name from the thank you’s whilst Aryan decides to make a public dig to his fellow actress.

I shall class this relationship; FRENEMIES.

But really guys! Keep working together, Kasle Choryo Mero Mann was quite a HIT!
Lex Limbu
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  1. Isnt their speech funny?
    Its probably they act better but dunno what or how to present themselves in real life.


  2. y everyone is blaming rekha for…k taha suru ma tesko ni fault hola ni …..jya bhayeni ..y would u thanks junior actor anyway senior lai po respect garnu parcha..ani i m sure he didnt respect her so obv c didnt thank dat hero…..i dont like dat hero anyway so who cares..rekha u go gal….

  3. how-ever Rekha Thapa is the GOOD/BEST and the AWESOME-ST actress in hole Nepali film industry. I don’t think there is an issue to hate her.

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