Kohi… Mero Released on DVD

Good news for the movie geeks who missed Alok Nembang’s second movie Kohi… Mero in cinemas. The official DVD has released in Nepal only few days ago and now you can own it for only Nrs 275 Rupees. Kohi… Mero is being distributed by New Music Palace which recently also released First Love on DVD and VCD. Kohi… Mero was released all over Nepal on 27th August 2010 to many positive reviews and contrary to rumors it did better than average business in the box office.

I’ve watched the movie already and here’s few reasons why you should:

– For those interested in serious love stories; must watch
– You will love the beauty of Jomsom portrayed in the film
– Some killer dialogues once again; very filmy
– The hot Jharana Bajracharya (but her role is quite short)
– Great SONGS!
– It’s a lot better than the movies that are being made in ‘KOLLYWOOD’. So, why not.

Below are few lines from reviews of Kohi…. Mero:

The movie, however, is a break from the run-of-the-mill Nepali cinemas. Definitely, director Alok Nembang has succeeded in showing that with a little more of research Nepali films can get a new lease of life. Go for it for the fine cinematography, music and packaging. – MyRepublica
Acting wise the lead actors walk away with all accolades. Luitel is very good in expression and dialogue delivery and Sigdel is very good with comic timing but will have to work on emotional scenes. Thapa has got a good debut role and is very good as a smitten lover. He shows promise. Bajracharya fits perfectly in her role as the silent lover. A must-watch for those who say Nepali movie is waste of time — this will help you change your opinion. – The Himalayan Times
Production flaws aside, after having watched Kohi… Mero I have a sense that Nepali cinema is going in the right direction. I came to be entertained, and entertained I certainly was. – The Ajnabee
PS. I have a limited number of Kohi… Mero DVD’s selling for 5 Pounds each
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  1. Surely watch for Jharna, Jomsom and the song Samayale… I think the actor is not so versatile… I did not like his acting at all in another movie ” Mero Sathi Chha…”

  2. “Kohi mero ” one of the most absurdest movie i ever watched……go on guys and girls !! watch this movie if u have nothing to do and ya anyone there with insomnia,this movie works better than the sleeping tablets….

  3. rolling on the ground,climbing on the tree like a monkey and before start beating villain by hero,shouting-HEY….!all are the same,nothing new,waste of time.

  4. just watched the movie. so many loop holes in the screenplay. theme of the movie is simple but the flashback theme makes it too confusing. 1st half was useless and boring. 2nd half was some what captivating. climax could have been extended. most of the people commented on jharana’s role being short but i loved the way alok has presented her and she stands out doing what she’s good at in her solo number “dherei din”. she’s the only one who stays in the character throughout the whole movie. subash thapa does the best debut. sanchita is better. aryan is embarrasing. cinematographer raju bikram thapa, jharana, background score, music saves the movie for me 🙂 tyo “dherei din” bhanne song ma chitwan ko forest ma diusei aago baleko sequence chai lastei has uthyo. choreography ma pani nikei dhyan puraunu parne thyo. alok does a good job but not his best. sano sansar was way betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:x all in all kohi… mero is a not bad movie. 2.5/5. a one time watch.

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