Is Nepal Owned By CHINA?

Though I try to brush off claims by Tibetan friends that hold views that Nepal is rapidly has become China’s new toy I can’t help but feel that maybe they are correct after reading several articles, documentaries and having seen the treatment of Tibetans in Nepal for the past several years. All this has me wondering as to why our government is being so unjust to these group of people. After all, many of them are legal citizens in Nepal who like us have rights… and those that have made Nepal home as a refugee still have their rights which we should safeguard. I do not see such inhumane treatment being given to the larger Bhutanese refugees settled in Eastern Nepal. 

Reporter Sraddha Thapa of Republica national daily shares similar thoughts as she writes

We are a sovereign state and it puzzles my generation – who were taught to value democracy to witness our government deny the same to Tibetans in Nepal. Of course, there is too much at stake to openly challenge the One-China policy – even the global hegemony, the US hasn’t dared, but must that stop us from granting Tibetan-Nepalis the same rights as non-Tibetan Nepalis when on our own soil?

An embarassed Thapa writes this after viewing a recent Al Jazeera documentary suitably titled ‘Mustang: A Kingdom on the Edge’. Watch the 47 minute long documentary to find out the struggles of Tibetans living in Kathmandu and find out why ”Any gathering or Tibertans without government approval is now illegal”. Just absurd right? With growing Chinese interference in the China-Nepal border this raises questions as to why our giant neighboring nation is becoming so paranoid. The hidden Kingdom of Mustang is set to become not so hidden anymore as a road will intersect through the barren landscape leading it right into Tibet, that only means it will invite more Chinese into one of the last pure civilization and a place where traditional Tibetan culture is still practiced.

Images taken by Narvesh Chitrakar/Reuters has surfaced online where an ‘exiled’ Tibetan woman is photographed trying to set fire onto herself after an argument with a police personnel in Kathmandu on Tuesday. Furthermore, more than 50 Tibetan exiles were arrested on Tuesday in the city as they demonstrated in support of the nine Buddhist monks and a nun that have self-immolated since March in southwest China’s Sichuan province. Now I know that against such a big superpower Nepal cannot do much but really, is this not all a bit too much? I think it’s time that we Nepalis go out and protest in support of our Tibetan brothers and sisters.

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. bhanna ta sajilo cha lex bhai tara garna garo. aafno desh ma aafai lai rights nabhako bela ma aru ko rights to lagi laadchan jasto laagdaina malai ta. aafno manche airport ma tyasto bhako sunda herda bhogda ta kei bhayana bhane. i doubt anyone wud do anything in support for tibetans rather most will be against them. indeed its sad.

  2. Its completely true that we are owned by China. Money talks, national sovereignty is merely an illusion. It saddens me that due to Chinese pressure the Nepali government has to take these steps. The Chinese are ruthless, and they aim to eliminate all Tibetans and set up a Han Chinese populated Tibet. I dont know what so say besides: Guerilla warfare anyone?

  3. Yumaraj, you are very right by saying Chinese agenda is to create a Han populated Tibet. They are even taking measures such as forced steralisation in Tibet… all under our very noses. Maoism was manufactured by Chinese for this very goal. Effectively, China has become a draconian lobby in Nepal.

  4. Infact we are very grateful n thankful to Nepal govt n its people as they have given us place to live as a tibetan refugee but since the chinese govt has started to bribe Nepal govt then Nepal govt went after the money n force of …chinese govt. especially the Nepali police are innocent,they dun knw the value of human precious life…. nepali police are damn inhumane… actuali we dun get angry with Nepali police but feel pity on them as they dun knw the value of human rights even though they are human too…
    nevertheless,,, thanks to lex fo sharing n publishin ongoin news of tibet n its issue on ur blog…..
    may peace previal on earth!

  5. we,tibetans are really thankful to you for making people know what we are going through.and through your site, im sure many people will come to know the situation here in my area….we were under house arrest yesterday and the police were inside our building , trying to arrest people who came out of their houses.
    DOnt you think its too much..I wasn’t able to go attend my college..
    Thank you from all the tibetan..

  6. Thanks for upgrading the issue.Our gratitude towards Nepalese is infinite for considering us as their brothers and sisters.We are always indebted to your country and to the loving people.Thank you Nepal. Save Tibet, Free Tibet!!!

  7. free Tibet please!
    these people who makes these decisions are heartless.
    what’s it all worth? ‘power,money.. sitting behind this computer and writing these words and not able to do anything makes me sad.

  8. yes we got to free tibet but tibetans r not treated this bad.tibetans hab it betta than dalits.we need to do sth bt sayin is easy. if we r united may b we’ll do sth bt i question even that.completely blamin govt doesnt do any gd. wel this is just my pnt of view. bt yeah, FREE TIBET!

  9. Yes without any doubt….Its high time Nepal Govt and Nepalese should rethink on it.Chinese spend millions in Tiber before invading Tibet like making roads,constructing buildings,schools and etc.The same,China is doing with Nepal at the present years.What happened to Tibet may happen with Nepal….So please Nepal Govt..wake up and allow human rights for Tibetans to let them stand for their country…
    I was born in Nepal and i always had Nepal as one of the highest regards in my life but the Govt of Nepal never think we are their own but they think we are trouble creators…
    Stand up Nepal….

  10. thank you sharing your thoughts!!! i love Nepal as i completed my high school grown up!!! i used to call this as my second home n say proudly to others that i live in Nepal!!!! but now i kinda feel shame to say that because the way of treating Nepalese government towards my countrymen is unacceptable!!! i know Nepal has One-China policy like many other countries but the way they r treating to Tibetans shows Nepal is a part of China’s government!!! Is the Nepal really turning into China? a one big question to all Nepalese!!! if it is thn Nepali should wake up cuz we don’t want Nepalese people to suffer like us!!! n yeah Chinese Government doesnt have mercy n they are way more worse then Ranas that used to rule in Nepal!!! So people should be aware of our issue to know the real face of China!!!! n yeah once again thank you for sharing!!!! God Bless You!!!!

  11. Oh I am also very sad to know this issues,,ya I think the world today stands in such a humiliation and such ruthlessness,,i guess people have forgotten the humanity and human mankind,,,Chinese government doesnot have any rights to treat Tibetians people in this way because you are big and powerful doesnot means everything belongs to you all,,I think for this not only the Nepalese ,UN should also consider and give fair judgement ,,and to know the bad treatment by Nepalese government is also very unfair thing and being Nepalese myself i am embarrassed to know and sad to hear how our neighborhood friends are bearing ,,really there should be something fair judgement to our Tibetians friends and for this I also support for the freedom for our Tibetians friends as I am always with humanity right not with nationality

  12. yes fuck by china and india 2:(.what can we do,there are other stuffs like this happening around the world.everything happens at the top.we need good humans at the top to change this fucking system. And as yumaraj said money talks,money is power in our world today.Knowledge should be the power.And violence-as buddha said: through violence you may solve one problem but you sow the seeds for another problem.I believe violence will only increase the cycle of violence.

    Violence is not merely killing another. It is violence when we use a sharp word, when we make a gesture to brush away a person, when we obey because there is fear. So violence isn’t merely organized butchery in the name of God, in the name of society or country. Violence is much more subtle, much deeper, and we are inquiring into the very depths of violence.-jd krishnamurti r.i.p

  13. everybody needs to understand that nepal is in no position to help tibet in this issue.if nepal dont maintain a good relationship with china and dont do as they say, nepal being another tibet is inevitable. therefore tibetans should not expect any support from nepali government in this issue. accept for the free tibet issue, i guess tibetans are well accepted and treated with respect in nepali community and treated as just another ethnic community.

  14. Thnk u Lex la for your views and considering us as brothers and sisters. i, myself was born here, studied till ma high school and read, write,speak nepali as ma mother tounge. but now the way we are treated in nepal makes me feel sad, angry and hatred. it’s high time for nepali people and politician to safe guard ur borders to make a safer place for younger generation, our ancestor made that mistake by allowing chinese in our homeland in the name of modernization, left us homeless, and now minority in our own land. we tibetans hope that u dn’t have to face such tragedy. Nepali People, safe guard ur borders even if it’s from India. B the rightful owner of ur land, not a puppet of other country. JAI TIBET, JAI NEPAL

  15. with respect to nepali people, we tibetans are not really treated well, even as a minority we are not considered.. me being born in nepal and lived here for more than 20 years of ma life. speaking, writing n reading fluently in nepali as per constitution bt not able to recieve any legal documents as a refugee nor a citizenship, now things are getting tough as people with refugee card are not allowed to apply for a bank account nor a license. more than 50% tibetans has not recieved refugee card. so wht else can we ask. bhutanese refugee are able to hold election with in their camp. and raise voice against bhutan government and india. aren’t we having same status as them. where has we left as a refugee??? i considered it as a bias between bhutanese refugee and tibetan refugee.
    thank you..
    tenzin shendzatsang

  16. Thank you Lex for bringing the issue of Tibetans to the forefront. I commend you for using your extremely popular blog to make people aware of the current situation of Tibetans in Nepal. We all understand China is an economic giant and it will be immensely difficult for Nepal to face-off against such a powerful nation. But, we must also understand that the way Tibetans are being treated in Nepal is completely unacceptable. They are being stripped off of their rights to live as humans- no freedom of movement and assembly which was not the case years ago. With support of Nepalese community, we hope to keep this fight alive. All, we are asking is to be treated as humans. Nothing more.

  17. Thank You Lex for your solidarity!

    One day one group is marginalized, and if people keep quiet because it’s not them who are under attack, the next time it will be their group that is facing marginalization.

    This is not just about Tibetan-Nepalis, this is about holding the government accountable to protect the freedom of expression, organization, and freedom of religion, of all citizens of Nepal. The police force has broken Nepal’s laws in arresting Tibetan community leaders pre-emptively. The govt has broken it’s agreement with the UN that it would allow for safe passage of Tibetan refugees to India.

    I stopped feeling proud of being from Nepal, as I watched my community be harassed and discriminated by the government and police. It is time for all Nepalis to be proud of Nepal, and that can ONLY be possible if we stand by each other and make Nepal a safe place to for all of us.

  18. I don’t understand the Free Tibet protests going on in Nepal. Come on..does it even make sense? Nepal doesn’t own tibet! DUHH!!! And if unnecessary mess is creating or has the potential to create a chaos in the country, our government will definitely take actions ni. Tibetans are all over in the US and Canada and where nots…do they protest there as well?

  19. yes,, they are .. actually around the whole world, tibetans are goin for protest and more over when ever any top official chinese are visiting, they have frequent protest, i can say they do protest, more than we do at nepal, u can go to different websites of Students for Free tibet, Regional tibetan youth congress, more for further information.

  20. Free Tibet
    we all should really work out on this issue. dunno how but at least yuh must give a push..
    today morning near the bhote camp in Ekantakuna, i saw around 20 policemen gathered n a woman was having a heated argument with some of them..they have the right to live a dignified life as any other group of people

  21. thank you LEX for bringing up this Tibetan issue on ur blog and letting people be aware of what tibetans are going through…
    Its always a heart-breaking situation when Nepalese police poke their filthy ass in our every little gathering…
    and whatever happened in the last days… everyone has witnessed how badly mistreated we were…beaten… and whatelse!!

    Nepalese govt should seriously wake up from the bribe-filled slumber!

    lex’ thanks once again!

  22. hahaha poor tibetans refugeeesss…they got bad life in nepal ,,,,,,reallyyy?how abt the people of nepal all of them have got better life?how abt u being refugee able to drive expensive pajero,prado,bikes and able to play play station and latest gadget in the world and laptops…so u can show ur anger and disatisfaction ???really u got sad life in nepal compare to average nepali.even being a refugee u got better life compare to average nepali citizen thanks to u.s. funds…./why only tibetan refugees need their human rights ,not bhutaneese refugees??????even the refugee camps are so double standard in these two case,bhutaneese lives in the temporary cheap small huts compare to tibetans lavish buldings…bhutaneese refugee cant go to bhutan even if they want indian border security guard dont let them in ,even its free border unlikely u dont wanna return ……dont worry tibetan refugees u got u.s. visa waiting for u ….unlikely nepali citizens as
    easy as for u tibetans refugees….its really hard life for tibetans in nepal how abt the peoples of nepal all they got better life than those who lives in those camps.any way refugees are refugees they cant be better than any other people or other refugees like bhutanees or somalis etc..wot do u think life of refugees is better in europe/uk/or us/not really my friend may be if u are tibetan not for all those who claims assylum from countries like afganistan,iraq or africas,,,they have to live on detention centres like a jail if i am not wrong ,,,if they get lucky they are allowed in the country if not they wil be sent back/deported to those countries and so many of them cut their throat on the plane,,,countries like so called u.k/us/eu countries…even there is lot of racial unrest and hatred between them and locals…wake up tibetans refugees u are not in europe/uk or u.s. u are in nepal which is one of the poorest country in the world and the government is helpless to help their on population,,,,,and u got ur demands to protest ….really why dont u go to uk/us/europe and do their…or even yr lovely india protest there not in nepal…we have our own problems spare us,if u wanna stay in nepal as nepal or u can live as tibetan refugees choice is yours… my opinion eu/us/and india its perfect place to practice yr rights why dont u move there its easy for u to get visa unlikely nepali citizens, its better u people to leave us alone in our misery and sort our misery yrself plzzz go to democratic countries and practice yr freedom and yr rights……”beggers cant be chooser……”

  23. Anonymous you raise some interesting points, but the question was ‘is nepal owned by China?’, in other words: does the Nepali Government work for Nepal or China? That is the question here, not whether Tibetan’s are being mis-treated.

  24. Anonymous, please learn to punctuate your arguments.

    I do understand that Nepalese locals themselves are suffering too. But what I don’t understand is, how does Tibetians protesting (their basic civil right) have any bearing to the suffering of Nepali? I think you’re trying to make a connection here, but i’m just not following.

    Nepal stopped accepting refugees to Tibetians in the 80s, i’ll have you know. And yet, you treat them as if they are flocking in in their millions. There’s only 20,000 in Nepal. So please have some empathy, decency and generally… some manners.

  25. I guess everything’s not going well,,,everything’s mess up here and we human are arguing each other,,to tell no one is REFUGEE here,,Come on people! we live under one room called THE EARTH and it’s the only planet where we all human as well animals can survive and breathe and does it make sense when our own planet mother world is going through lots of natural disaster like earthquakes,tsunami,,leak of ozen layer ,and here we fighting each other like dinosaurs ,,,and i guess this domination between people ,,nationality,,won’t be solved till the head of the nations and citizens all over the world don’t act like being REAL HUMAN,,and I know it won’t be solve easily till this earth breaks down ,,,and no history no legend no human identity,,.don’t getting why people don’t understand that we should support each other so that we can support this world so that we all can breathe till tomorrow,,,as the world is trumbling now up and down and we are disputting each other,,,oh great! ,,,and not only government but also citizens should think other also human so why discrimnation i say,,,mostly government should consider that what’s their duty as being a human at first and where they are STANDING!!!
    So i say not only our Tibetians friends but also there are also other people who are being bullied and discriminated by others in the society so I think it’s a foolish act by government and others too as being a human though it’s hard to convince them because blinded by high pride,money and their stubborn instincts,,,if this world don’t remain then there they won’t also be standing with such a might,,,in this point all should consider and try to build harmony wit mutual co-operation

  26. wow Anonymous u have a good point but think about it….look at the direction the Tibetan refugee are going….they are not going around the public doing “tor phorr” or starting riots….observe the refugee they are trying to do a peaceful demonstration and going towards UN, Human rights organization and going towards Chinese embassy….look at the direction they are going. When they are going their way to do a peaceful protest, they face violence by the police.You can see in most video i guarantee that they dont do anything when the police hit them. And all Tibetans are not rich riding luxury cars and having massive houses. Please dont generalize them. The point you made was sensible though. Sometimes when the protests are going around for the sake of justice, people tend to unite no matter rich or poor. This is how community react to injustice. If there was no stand to injustice, the injustice would go on. So i truly respect your concern and I understand the confusion. During the past Tibet also had allied or had some connection with China. However, the terminology, “If you give a finger, it will take the whole hand” After the connection, China took the whole country. According to my concern, this might be a warning to the Nepali too.
    I think i saw a comment saying Nepal don’t need anymore refugees. Refugee are seen everywhere. Right now even people of Nepal or native country people go to developed country to settle there. They leave their native country behind eventhough they have a country. So we cant blame that. Some refugee’s make a huge benefit by replacing the people that left the country. They try to make the country better. Some refugees might be rich in the country and might have provided charity for the country. You never know they might have done better for the country. From my experiences, I have seen rich Tibetans that make huge donations to the Nepal. So we cannot accuse the Tibetans of the actions they are taking because they just want Justice. They wanna ask the UN and the human rights organization from a long time. Nepal has done a lot for Tibetans and they really appreciate the generous deeds they are doing to the Tibetans. They just wanna ask help from the UN and human rights because they been waiting for about 60 years……So thank you people for the concern and JAI NEPAL and Bhoegyalo (Save Tibet)…….Thank you

  27. why nepal? the whole world is owned by china. tibet was taken by china in the 20th cen. what was the whole world doing then? it should have never happened.
    nepal is in no position to do as it wills. we all know that. So stop blaming nepal.

  28. Go back to your own country, love it, treasure it, fight for your rights there. Don’t complain living in already vulnerable country and make our lives harder. STOP complaining.

  29. You must know that Nepal is in favor of ONE CHINA POLICY. Thats why government interfere such demonstration. I think you know that the Tibetan are forced and supported by international forces who are against CHINA. Do not blame NEPAL in coming days. Avyudaya Khanal

  30. lex…its all politics.. nepal lai ta india le use garekai ho and we all know that..china le use gareko chaina as a toy.. coz tibet vaneko china lai ekdam treat cha.once it went to the hands of west china will be morally down bujhyou to prevent their own country and economic china le nepal ko helpp mageko ho..kunai pani group desh ko against ma prachar failaudai hidcha vane i would do the same…

  31. Damn I dont understand some of the people here….when did we blame Nepal……we are blaming the Chinese goverment…not in general Chinese or Nepal but the Chinese goverment ……the main thing the Tibetans are worried because now the Police are stopping them from praying or celebrating Tibetan Buddhism….easy for u guys to say when u guys can easily celebrate your holiday….when we cant….look at the videos why do u think the cops are there to stop them from celebrating……thats the big concern …..When Tibetans do their protest they dont throw rocks and talking shit about Nepal…..We support Nepal but we are against the Chinese goverment…..

  32. I thank you,Lex for speaking out loud on behalf of Tibetans. We really appreciate the thought and effort you have put in.
    And for the ppl who think the govt has no other option but to take actions thn so be it but there are proper ways of doing it, some thing called humanity to start with!!!

  33. When u think about it,it all comes down to law of a country so i hope when the new constitution is done,it will have some good news for the immigrants and refugees.i sincerely wish that this earth had no fucking borders.and yea learn to fuck the economic/monetary system my dear people,it’s all about greed and profit.and fuck religion 2,it doesn’t make sense when u use your common sense.fuck the man-image god!power to the people.lets proceed to a better future together:)-superfarmer.

    In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.jd krishnamurti

  34. “beggers can’t be choosers”
    eating getting nothing wearing leather cap???,khai na pai chala ko topi lai, bhanna khojeko k….

    i would like to draw attention of lex limbu and so called tebetan/sympathisers……
    “shut the front door!!!!!……..”
    1.hello lex first learn about your rights and your peoples…rather than advocating whole world….”if u wanna change the world start with your self first”…….i just wanna ask abt wot have u done the rights of the whole nepali kind specially gorkha army in british army….are they treated fairly????even they they call u gurkha not gorkha and u even dont know how to react to that ,coz u think master is always right……they have been sacrifice their blood for british flag…for long time…even people who lives illegally for 14yrs they entitle to get residance in uk….wot abt gorkhas they have to go to high court for just to get residancy,how abt pensions etc….is it fair????in fact they just use as a mule all of those people…..who fought for them…what happen to the rights of those people who fought for them all those world wars …..even winner of victoria cross dinied visa to uk..and have to go to court for that….even so called country of humanrights doesnt care about the people who sacrifices their lives for the british cause not for nepali cause….they are not treated fairly….instead they treat them as mule….and local people dont care about who ur are wot u have done for the british cause specially in and arround aldershot,
    —-“love your kids first instead u dont care abt yr kids and u interested with others kids that means yr pedo…….”
    2.wot do u think tebetans wot u have done to our country so u got the rights in our country any way u r unwelcomed guest thats why u are refugeee dont forget that….first place dont forget your history…..u needed chinese to protect u from nepali army if its not chinese it would be nepali who will be ruling u any way indians rulling so called dont tell us about yr shit,,,we are not interested…
    3.humanrights??wot abt the protester in wallstreet are they treated with flowers even its america who advocates humanrights sadly they been arrested and shot by rubber about palestine,kashmir,sikkim,darjeeling,nagaland,assam,kumau,gadhwal,???we have threat from india not from china and dont tell us wot to do we know from the history u tebatans are not trust worthy…u needed chinese b4 to help u and now u need nepal to help u for yr cause in which we dont have any interest….
    4.really human rights…??how abt the human rights of the native americans wot happen to them??european kill them all and occupy the whole continent and plant slaves and criminals al over the continent….learn history and world politics….
    5.why only tebetans,,,,only need their rights how abt the kashmiri people who shot dead in broad day light in kathmandu by indian agents..
    6.even our royal family get kiled by those indian agents of raw,,,and u want yr rights ….wot else u want..i havent heard any tebatans shot dead in kathmandus street,,,may be very soon if u ppl annoying us…..
    7.about this channel aljazeera an arabic channel who advocates democracy and humanrights,,,reallllyyy????
    which got death penalty and wemens live like animals in their countries… any country give u a peny for free it comes with their priorities first,,,,all the ngos been working in nepal for more than 2decades wot they have done. all the money goes to their staff who comes from their own countries its just to give the jobs for the forigner and spend on expensive veichles thats it…
    5.our land is illegally occupied by india not china,,,,,from teesta in east and sutlej in west…….
    6.finally shut the fxxk off…… or leave…dont make us kick u out fuking rats……

  35. I am very disappointed at how you are reacting. First of all you are teaching lex to spell Gurkha but you are not capitalizing the word if you respect it soo much and you spelled Tibetans wrong not Tebetan. What kind of a person are you. Lex is trying to do something by making your people connected. Some Nepalese around the world want to know about the situation in Nepal. He is just giving his concern in his articles and raises question but he does not represent all the Nepali and putting false information. Think about what you are saying before saying anything. I think I recognize you by looking at your comment. You have criticized Lex’s page before too in the party and now u came to get more….Even though you are not the same person please look at yourself and see what you doing. Look at your language in the response using nothing but foul languages saying “f$%K off”. We can do this also but we chose to be friendly. About the Tibetan and Nepali War. Please read more carefully or learn the history properly. Dont assume based on hearing. Dont put up false information based on hearing stuffs. Why would Tibetans invade Nepal if they had a large land. So please learn your history. You talking about Indians being killed, wallstreet problems.etc. Dude there is far more inhuman things that happened to Tibet. thousands of monastries destroyed, More than 100,000 tibetans killed during the invasion, most important country taken and millions captive in the country. So we know there are alot of problems that happened in the world, we respect that. I will tell you one thing Tibetans are doing the same things as everyone asking Human rights to save lives. ROYAL FAMILY KILLED BY INDIANS AGENTS?????? REALLY lol …dude after hearing this no one will believe you. If this was sure, why isn’t there a war between Nepal and Tibet. After hearing this I dont wanna say anything. Since you are talking alot about Gurkha, anonymous, I hope you are truly a gurkha though because some people just pretend to be, I think you know. Lex I ask you one thing, lets not start any problems by raising this questions. I truly respect your concerns for the Tibetans. We are actually too young to express opinions in this situation. We create nothing but hate by giving concerns in a hot and young blooded fashion.

  36. we dont want refugeessssss ,they are just a burden to the society and the nation nothing else and threat to national peace and security because of these people all the international spy agents is lurking around our streets,do u know why u need passports and visas even health reports b4 u go to any country ???just to make sure safety of that country,u come to Nepal with out any thing wot is the guarantee and who is liable of those Tibetans involve in poaching and illegal activities???tht means these tibetans are bunch of criminal economic migrant who doesnt care abt nepal or nepali they just interested in the opportunity to cash in wot ever way legally or illegally no matter,its not my responsibility to find good Tibetans its yr job to prove you r good for the host country, wot ever u wanna do we r not interested just dont want u in our soil u can do wot u like not in our soil….we dont want any aliens in and around our shores……….

  37. I can tell the same thing that Nepalis are a bunch of criminal, Indians are bunch of criminals, Chinese are bunch of criminal because they are staying as refugees in United States to make money. What the hell is wrong with these people thinking like stubborn….I am pretty sure u or any of your relatives live abroad. We can say the same that they are criminals.

  38. why these fuckin tibetians r taking refuse in Nepal and making Nepal their playground….if you come to Nepal live like Nepalese..fuckin morons

  39. rather than think about tibetians(coz they r for otheir own cause..think about about nepal..coz fuckin chinki eyes Nepalese consider themselves to be of mongolian origin they tend to favour chinese or whatever breed they are…madhesis on the other hand who love Nepal equally are considered to be a weaker breed..fuck mongols….treat urself as a Nepali) and protect Nepal…we might seem like a weaker breed but it is one of the breeds that has changed the course of World War II as well…so dont under estimate the fellow Nepalese…just because these chinese and Indian bugs Nepal has lacked behind..India is democratic but china will definitely die…fuckin chinese cunts…they want everything to be chinese..thats not good..they go to America they look for their rights..i hate fuckin chinese bastards

    fuck Communism…..

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