Malina at Miss World FINALE!

Having never watched an international beauty pageant on television or live I didn’t quite know what to expect from Miss World 2011 at Earl’s Court earlier today. The show, the production, the girls did not live up to my expectations. More will be written about the event soon but for now I feel very proud to share photos of Malina Joshi, your Miss Nepal 2011.

Malina needs to be applauded for really turning things around. When she was crowned Miss Nepal 2011 Malina was criticised by many for her looks and some even went to the extent of calling her the ugliest Miss Nepal till date but I am impressed with the amount of coverage she received whether it be through photos being uploaded through Miss World Facebook page, or even her strategic positioning while standing during the finale show, she even got her time to shine as she took to the stage in a solo redition of Makhmali Cholo. During that time my sister and I were screaming like madmen whilst others looked dazed. Malina’s video of her interview with the judges has surprisingly got the most views at 13,000+ whilst other’s trail with only few hundred hits.

I am gutted for not having taken my Nepali flag with me. I don’t know whether this is good or bad but out of the 100,000+ Nepali people living in the UK there were around 10 of us Nepalis present at the show. Though I said I was disappointed I don’t regret attending the event, such event I saw today can be pulled off even by Nepal pretty soon because the spectacle was not spectacular.

Congrats to winners Venezuela, Philippines and Puerto Rico. Message to Malina is, your work and your real responsibility starts now as Miss Nepal 2011. Make us proud.

UPDATE: I met our Miss Nepal earlier this Monday morning before her return to Kathmandu. Malina was still upbeat despite the loss and felt positive regarding her journey ahead.

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Kudos to Malina for shining there!Lex,although its really disappointing to see that the hundreds of dajus,bhais,dds,bainis in London and around couldnt be there to support her,am sure the 10 of you made her feel special.I bet she is the only Miss Nepal who has had atleast 10 Nepali supporters at the event.All the best wishes to her!

  2. yeh , when i was watching live,I was looking for Nepali flag in the crowd, and I thought there was no nepali presence, well.. we live and learn.and she did not do too bad eithr, atleast we could watch her nepali number. short n sweet.

  3. i dont know about her talents but she definitely doesnt have a look someone was right,in terms of taking part in the contest,hats off to her.

  4. What the heck is she wearing? Who dressed her up? Not nice. Not a good representation of Nepal. She danced good though!

  5. I adore Malina JOshi,Mrs Nepal 2011, for her guts,dedication and hard-work for prestigious beauty pageant like Mrs World.Its obvious to expect our own Nepali beauty to win the contest.
    Although she did not win,I would like to congratulate her and wish good luck for her upcoming days and lex too.:~)

  6. To people who complain that she is “not pretty” enough must understand first that beauty pageants aren’t just about the pretty face and slender body. It is also about their courage, determination and the eager responsibility to represent the country. I believe Malina is all of those- she speaks with so much humbleness, politeness and she is beautiful. How do you define beautiful anyway? Everyone looks beautiful but the real beauty-ness shines from inner self. Malina looked beautiful and spoke confidently. I was not aware of Miss World taking part in London if I had knew I would have definitely gone. Malina did an outstanding job for such a poor pageant history such as our country. We should all encourage rather than discourage her and for the many beauties to come.

  7. I completely agree with the anonymous comment above mine. In my opinion, she’s one of the most confident Miss.Nepal till date. For those of you who are complaining about her looks, clothes blah blah, why not appreciate and keep silent. Kati complaints ufff!!! What would you have her dress then? As if!!! Anyway, kudos to Miss.Joshi! 🙂

  8. ughh… she looks so unattractive and ug…arriving to ktm , not fit for miss nepal at all, she need to see Gok Kwan I think.

  9. To the person who commented before me, I’m sure you’re fuglier. Nd who dressed her? She dressed herself! Duh. What did you expect her to be wearing? A dress from Gucci? Get over it.

  10. wow i dint kno such site even existed!gud job!!and as far as Miss Nepal’s performance goes,ARE U GUYS EVEN REMOTELY AWARE OF WHAT THE PAGEANT IS ALL BOUT?i think she carried herself really amazingly well,considering how trivial grooming she gets here and the choices of clothes and dresses she has!also,shez a gud dancer,the number was fast but she did it! i loved the ending!wish there were more nepalese supporters though!:)
    a nepali chica 🙂

  11. Hats off to Malina! Nepal has participated in so many miss worlds earlier, but I haven’t seen a single miss world where miss Nepal is even noticed. Malina did a graceful job by dancing on the stage- and she was bold enough!! Nepal hasn’t produced a Miss Nepal as bold and courageous as Malina. Beauty is not just what you see outside, it is what you are inside- that strength, that courage Malina has displayed in front of the world beats every other Nepali woman who think she’s isn’t glamorous. Go Malina!! Proud to have you as Miss Nepal!!

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