11PM Curfew To Be Lifted in Lakeside

Looks like Lakeside; the strip of restaurants, bars and hotels in Pokhara is set to create more traffic in the days to come. According to a recent report from eKantipur the local admin of Pokhara has allowed the tourist hub to operate 24X7! At the moment Pokhara along with most of the other cities in Nepal follow the rule where night businesses including dancebars, restaurants and clubs are closed by 11PM. In Kathmandu this rule is a bit flexible as you can expect your evening to stretch on to 12 midnight until eventually the police will come to escort you out of the premises. Know the people and the places then you’ll be celebrating till 1 or 2AM. If you’re lucky!

Hoteliers and entrepreneurs in Pokhara have welcomed this decision, I am quite Lexcited about this move! I just hope that this does not only remain a story but will actually happen. Before you guys jump to conclusions saying making Lakeside 24 hours will increase this and that, well police have started installing more CCTV cameras and asked clubs and rodhighar’s to make their wall sound-proof. And it’s also the job of the police to safeguard the citizens so having them patrolling around is always good. 

Photo above is of friends and my at Busy Bee in Lakeside in August 2011, great live music, drinks and people.
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