Maya & Max – Upcoming Nepali Show

Now this sounds good! REAL good!
Maya & Max is an upcoming Nepali TV children show that will soon be hitting your screens at home. The 12 episodic series follows Maya & Max, two teens from Kathmandu exploring different parts of Nepal from Mohammedpur, Gorkha, Sauraha, Lumbini etc. The aim of the show is to open up horizons, taking learning beyond the four walls of schools and an attempt to teach children that there’s so much more out there in Nepal that one needs to learn or know about than knowing who’s on Koffee with Karan or what’s happening in Gossip Girl. One of the key figures behind Max & Maya is Shrijana Singh Yonjan, the daughter of a veteran music legend Gopal Yonjan. Shrijana believes that the need for proper shows catering young minds is important. The show also takes on the different religions that exist in our nation.
I am eagerly awaiting this already! Praying for YouTube uploads. More info please ;D
It’s kinda like ‘Lex in Nepal’… I’d love to work with Madamee Yonjan.
For More on Maya & Max – Click Here
Lex Limbu
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  1. Amazing concept!! in nepal a show like this can be considered not only for kids but also for elders!! ….
    WOW hats off!! …. finally young kids will have something to watch n learn at the same time….

  2. Thanks for the interest lex and all of you who have really responded.

    We’re finalizing the date of transmission which could be either the 27th of Dec or the 3rd of Jan.

    The whole team has really worked hard and given their best to Maya & Max. The two new ‘stars’ nivida and ninad are natural talents.

    Would love to connect. look up Navinshrijana on facebook.Am working on other alternatives to bring Maya & Max closer to you.

    Shrijana Singh Yonjan
    Kathmandu, Nepal

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