Screening of Lex in Nepal

If you’ve been keeping up with me on the Facebook and Twitter world you will have known by now that 12th November was not any ordinary day for me or the team behind ‘Lex in Nepal’. That day a private screening of the videos from ‘Lex in Nepal’ took place at the Nepalese Tandoori restaurant in London where approximately 50 people attended the invitees only screening. Though the program started a good 30 minutes late I feel satisfied with what we managed. Young musical talents Nilam and Sajan Gurung opened the event with songs including Parelima, I’m Coming Home and Edge of Glory. After that I welcomed the guests for attending the screening and explained what ‘Lex in Nepal’ was. Few friends of mine; Sibani Ghale, Jason Rai and Lalita Shrestha talked about their experience and relationship with Nepal. As the clock ticked it’s way to 3PM the lights dimmed and the teaser of Lex in Nepal and 5 videos were played back to back to the audience (Janakpur – Nepal’s Forgotten was not shown at the screening). I was worried, would people find Namrata Shrestha’s interview interesting? Though I sat in the front I was desperate to look back at the faces of people… to catch their expressions. Nonetheless the laughter that frequently erupted in the packed venue confirmed that the audience was enjoying what they were seeing. Now this is just a test, the real audience will see it on this Sunday 20th November at 8PM when the first video Ek Chin with Namrata Shrestha hits youtube. I don’t want to say please be kind to my our work, I just want to say please recognise that my Nepal trip was a holiday but my want to do something led me to create these 6 videos which have an underlying theme that is to reflect Nepal in a positive light. There is hope in Nepal, it is developing. Give it time. That’s all. I know thousands won’t be kind to the work when they can comment anonymously, target me instead of arguing against the subject but as someone who has been doing this for the past three years. I am more than ready this. 

On a personal note : I blog. Nothing personal but today I would like to share that after Lex in Nepal I have decided to slow things down as my main focus and main priority is education for the time being therefore I hope all of you guys will respect my decision. 

Cameraman – Prawesh Limbu
Editor – Laxcha Bantawa


Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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