16 Million Nepalis Pee Outdoors!

Fancy title right?
According to WaterAid’s most recent report published on the eve of World Toilet Day, around 16 million Nepalis still defecate [shit/pee] in the open and 6.5 million of them do not have access to clean water. Now with only 4 years left to meet a lot of goals from the Millennium Development Goals Nepal needs to provide 73% of the population with clean water 53% with adequate sanitation facilities by 2015 to meet the goals on sanitation and drinking water. 

Globally, 2.6 Billion people do not have access to toilets and 884 million do not have access to clean water. The amusing image above is a photo taken by me in Janakpur, this man here was peeing right on the compound that surrounds the Janaki Mandir… aba esto kura ma rishaunu ki na rishaunu. He shouldn’t because its a holy site, but then it’s so normal for people to pee everywhere, ek jana lai matra karayera nai na huney istiti bhai sakyo. Difficult right?
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