Young Children and Teens Meet People from the Gay and Trans Community

This video by Aba Normal brings together young children and teens between the ages of 7-17 as they meet Shuvam – a young gay man, Suhana – a transgender woman and Sushan – a transgender man. The young minds get to know Shuvam , Suhana and Sushan as they quiz them about their appearance, gender identity and sexual orientation and how they deal with family members.

The title ‘Aba Normal’ is very apt! I definitely think there’s a lot that we need to “Learn to Unlearn” and through that process hopefully we turn something viewed as ‘abnormal’ to ‘aba normal’. A dialogue can very well help us get to the point where we say “aba normal”.

The YouTube channel of Aba Normal also has an informative video where Dr Madhurima Bhadri speaks about sex between heterosexual couples and the different ways one can get sexual health support in Nepal.

I hope there’s more engaging content that comes from ABA NORMAL in the days to come! There’s just so many things that we all need to unlearn and learn together!

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Lex Limbu
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