Biswa Limbu’s Journey To Mero Online TV!

With over 1.4 million subscribers, Mero Online TV is among the biggest YouTube channels bringing hard-hitting stories of every day Nepalis to interviews of singers and actors. Biswa Limbu is the man behind this wildly popular YouTube channel!

Limbu’s journey trails back to Taplejung. After completing his schooling from Meringden (Taplejung), he moved to Dharan to complete his higher studies. By then, his dream of becoming a media personality was in full bloom! Biswa has been breaking down walls from an early age and shows no signs of stopping. Coming from a Limbu background has not stopped the media personality to chase and create opportunities for himself and many others from outside the Kathmandu valley. If you ask him about the work he has done in the past, the list gets very long. You will quickly learn that he’s done pretty much everything related to the media and news sector.

From earning Nrs 3,500 in his first media job to landing a role on Kantipur TV as a presenter and producer, Biswa Limbu has enjoyed an illustrious journey in media long before his foray into the YouTube world. Seeing the innovation of digital media, Biswa was active in creating his own YouTube channel while still working for Kantipur TV. That was the birth of Mero Online TV and the rest as they say… is history.

Today, Biswa is a celebrated media personality and a well-known influencer among the Limbu and Kirat community and beyond. The young media personality has continued to mould himself as he branches out on all social media platform. His personal YouTube channel now has nearly 200K subscribers. Another milestone for Limbu.

Biswa remains connected to his roots in Taplejung and his network in Dharan. He has continually shared his insight on working in media with aspiring TV presenters and is also the founder chair of Radio Phaktanglung FM and chairperson of Yakthung Youth Association and Taplejung Kathmandu Journalist Society.

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