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Covid Alliance for Nepal – UK is an informal collective of friends of Nepal concerned about the unfolding Covidhumanitarian crisis in Nepal. We are working to get the UK government to urgently send critical medical supplies toNepal during this time of immense need.

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Join thousands of others including Joanna Lumley, Michael Palin, scientists, academics, Everest climbers, Gurkhas, and other friends of #Nepal calling for urgent medical aid.
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Petitions are a great way to increase awareness and let people know about the situation in Nepal. You can help us by sharing the petition across your network.
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Please consider writing a letter to your MP, as this is a good way to influence your elected representatives. It is most effective to write in your own words, but you can adapt the email template below to guide you if needed. You can find your MP’s email address by clicking on https://members.parliament.uk/members/Commons

Template for the letter to the MP (Posted 25th June, 2021)

Dear (MP NAME),

My name is __, and I live in your constituency. I am writing to you because I am deeply concerned about the vaccine crisis that threatens to derail Nepal’s fight against Covid-19. Boris Johnson announced bilateral vaccine donations at the G7. I ask that you call for Nepal to be a priority country for these vaccines, and ask the UK government to disperse vaccines there urgently.

Nepal is a global hotspot for Covid-19. Recent reports suggest that a highly infectious new sub-variant found in Nepal could pose significant risks to the global fight against coronavirus, including in the UK. Our friends and close allies from Nepal – with whom we have shared a strong relationship for over 200 years – are in urgent need of vaccines to end the ongoing humanitarian crisis there.

90% of the Nepali population have not had any vaccine. Amnesty International has recently stated that the 1.4 million Nepali people who have received their first vaccine doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca in March 2021 have been unable to get their second doses, and there’s no supply in place. They must have their second dose between 27 June and 5 July. Nepal requires a further 40 million vaccine doses to ensure enough of the population are vaccinated to end this crisis.

Both morally and diplomatically this warrants a strong emergency response from the UK. Other countries with far weaker ties to the UK have already done far more – the UK needs to step up.

Therefore, we ask you to urge the government to:

  1. Immediately provide 1.4 million Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines to Nepal so that this group of people can be fully immunized as soon as possible.
  2. Support Nepal urgently with 40 million further doses to vaccinate enough of its population to be able to come out of this crisis.

I urge you to please request the UK government to arrange for these immediate vaccines to be sent to Nepal without delay.

Yours sincerely,

UPDATE: 8th June, 2021

Cross party MP letter sent by Kirsty Blackman MP to the Foreign Secretary, please download below.

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