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Covid Alliance for Nepal – UK is an informal collective of friends of Nepal concerned about the unfolding Covidhumanitarian crisis in Nepal. We are working to get the UK government to urgently send critical medical supplies toNepal during this time of immense need.

SIGN the Petition

Join thousands of others including Joanna Lumley, Michael Palin, scientists, academics, Everest climbers, Gurkhas, and other friends of #Nepal calling for urgent medical aid.
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Petitions are a great way to increase awareness and let people know about the situation in Nepal. You can help us by sharing the petition across your network.
WRITE to your local MP

Please consider writing a letter to your MP, as this is a good way to influence your elected representatives. It is most effective to write in your own words, but you can adapt the email template below to guide you if needed. You can find your MP’s email address by clicking on https://members.parliament.uk/members/Commons

Template for the letter to the MP

Dear……….. ,

My name is __, and I live in your constituency. I am writing to you because I am deeply concerned about the current Covid situation in Nepal. The infection and death rates are among the highest in the world, and the health system is no longer able to cope with the number of cases in the country. The UK has had strong social, cultural, and military relationships with Nepal for over 200 years now. It is vital that we step up as a nation to support our Nepali friends in need.

If the UK government could send medical supplies urgently to Nepal, it would save thousands of lives. I am hearing news that people are dying because of a lack of oxygen, and there is a clear and urgent need for more oxygen cylinders, concentrators, and generation plants, as well as therapeutic drugs, testing kits, and personal protective equipment. I urge you to please request the UK government to arrange for these supplies to be sent to Nepal without delay. We must step up now and do the right thing.
Thank you very much for your time, and for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

UPDATE: 8th June, 2021

Cross party MP letter sent by Kirsty Blackman MP to the Foreign Secretary, please download below.

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