A Board Game That Will Break The Ice: Youbble Burza

Do you know what has been a winner for me during this pandemic/lockdown life? Board-games and online games. I played Ludo for the very first time on a smartphone and dug out the board and card games as I found myself spending more time with the family at home. On that note, a super-fun, unique 3-in-1 board game YouBBle Burza is here! The game takes inspiration from the famous Eastern game of ‘Langur Burja’ also known as ‘Jhandi Munda’ fused with Western board and video game concepts. So you maybe wondering what sets this game apart? Well it’s great to break the silence! Turn the party up a notch or bring out skills that you never knew you had! It can be a laugh riot.

Launched via a Kickstarter Campaign in late July, it is the first product by the startup Youbble based in Virginia, USA. The concept of Youbble came about due to the lack of a robust platform that catered to the Nepalese community in America.

YouBBle Burza is a three-in-one interactive board game designed for different players in mind with a party mode, quiet mode and traditional Langur Burja. The company has already started the production in hopes to get the product to the backers at the earliest. It’s limited edition so if you like what you’re reading or seeing (video below) then head over to their Kickstarter page and back the project.

 Who needs this game?

Anyone who loves to have a good time and bring life to a get together with friends, family, relatives, coworkers, and even those people you have never met before! It’s not just a game, it’s a bonding experience.

 What is this game like?

If Crown and Anchor were to have a baby called UNO, that got married to Exploding Kittens in a battle of Truth or Dare – it would give birth to Youbble Burza! It’s fully loaded!

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