Sambandhak – A Thoughtful Short Film On Siblings

TunaMuna Productions‘ short-film Sambandhak (सम्बन्धक्) is a thoughtful story that centres on three siblings Neha, Raju and Ramesh. Though I hesitated seeing the 40 minute film duration, I am glad I sat down to watch this beautiful story. If I share anymore I think I’ll spoil the plot so I’ll just share the summary. The film follows Neha, brilliantly played by Mira Khadka and her two brothers Ramesh and Raju, starring Sandesh Shakya and Simanta Pudasaini. A special mention to Subi who plays a significant role in the film, starring Aakanshya GC. The story unravels around Neha and her desire to study in Australia. The poster may give you a gist of what you can expect in the film.

SPOILER ALERT: I thought some of the shots that focused on Raju were brilliant. Also, Raju and Neha had such a good on-screen presence. Neha plays the part of a sister who puts everyone else before her so well. Like many who shared on the comment section, this film was also successful in making me all teary! Pretty amazing! Well done to the team.

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