Nepali Webseries Brilliantly Tackles Orwell’s Animal Farm

So here’s a short film that I watched a while back and I thought it was pretty brilliant. The actors play their part with ease and throughout the entire episode, I felt it came across naturally. The group had that classroom chemistry down so well. It wasn’t trying too hard at presenting itself. One of the key factor behind my fondness with this webseries is on how it showcases George Orwell’s classic Animal Farm. The book is a brilliant work by Orwell which I think everyone should read but if you’re someone who dozes off after a few lines, then this video ‘Action-Cut’ by TunaMuna Production is a starter for you.

Now you may be surprised to see 41:26 down the right hand corner of the YouTube box but trust me, I was probably more surprised than you. It’s difficult enough to watch a 15 second IG Story, so I wondered how on earth I would be able to watch an episode for that long. After a bit of convincing myself, the characters became my virtual friends with some that I liked and some I just thought were super annoying. What I felt was a long 41min video soon flew by.

If you’re up for watching something today then give this a go! Read? Action-Cut!

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Lex Limbu
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