Over 40 Nepali UK Dancers Get Together For Khel Na Khela Video

Farak Squad virtually gathered over 40 Nepali dancers from across the UK for the dance video cover of Khel Na Khela. The song was originally released in September, 2019 by the Time Chaina singer Jay Author. The dance squad from London shared “We weren’t able to meet in person, but we had so much fun putting together this project and working with our many talented dancer friends. We are sure there are a lot of dancers that we don’t know of yet or missed out so we would love to get in touch!”.

The changing rules surrounding socialising and meeting people in the UK has meant that many people are simply unable to connect in groups. England continues to have many local lockdowns and a group of six rule still enforced. The pandemic has led many people to be creative with digital tools and the all-mighty smartphone! It’s great to see Farak Squad spreading their cheer on.

I loved the previous video which they did with Baje Bojus in South East London. Hopefully some of you managed to see that previously. I hope the squad continue to create, virtually or with the number of people that can meet.

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