A professional networking website was launched this month with a mission to connect individuals and businesses. RollingNexus.com is the latest offering developed by Rolling Plans Private Limited. The website aims to accelerate connections between businesses as well as businesses to consumers. The website consists of many components including Rolling Job, Rolling Tender, Rolling Freelance, Rolling CAT, Rolling छलफल, Rolling Event to Rolling Contest.

The platform aims to be “an escort to individuals who want to build up a career, participate in events, work as a freelancer, assess and enhance skills, share knowledge, and grab exciting offers”. So whether you are looking for a job or would like to promote a job vacancy, RollingNexus.com has its mission set to be the platform for exactly that (and more). The new website was launched during a virtual event marking the 16th anniversary of Rolling Plans, which is a human resource consultancy firm based in Kathmandu.

The celebration as well as launch of RollingNexus.com saw special guests sending their congratulatory messages including Rameshwar Raya Yadav, Minister of Labour, Employment, and Social Security, Gagan Thapa, Central Working Committee member of the Nepali Congress Party & member of a constituent assembly and Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada.

Well if work is the need of the hour, you know where to log onto 😉

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