Introducing Gyapu Marketplace

GYAPU marketplace was among the many online businesses that continued its service during the lockdown. The relatively new e-commerce platform delivered essentials from groceries to electronics and books during the lockdown without any delivery charge. While the small team of ten have been manning the entire operations, they are hopeful about increasing their presence in the e-commerce market very soon.

Created by entrepreneurs from Nepal, Gyapu Marketplace aims to expand and flourish in the e-commerce scene in Nepal and across South East Asia. The team are currently working on a mobile app to ensure that shoppers have a hassle-free experience. The website is integrated with payment gateways from eSewa, Khalti, CellPay and various e-banking apps. They also accept cash on delivery as well as cards with cashback offers. In light of Covid19, the marketplace also has a section for Covid19 Safety Gears with products ranging from temperature gun, face shield, KN95 masks to hand sanitizers.

On a parting note, if you’re wondering that Gyapu means… Gyapu is simply Gyapu.

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Lex Limbu
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  1. Hey Lex, yaa I do agree on Gyapu Marketplace performance during covid19 lockdown. One of the best online stores in the Nepali market. I bought something from it. The quality and prices of the items were amazing. I have bought quite a few items and I’m just obsessed with them. Free delivery with returns service is outstanding. Highly recommend an online store in 2020.

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