Time To Send The Funny People To COMEDY CIRCLE

There’s a new address for funny people on YouTube! Comedy Circle is the latest YouTube show that brings together emerging comedians or that funny friend and puts them on a spotlight to talk about whatever they wish to. Whether that’s roasting a certain topic or presenting their comical agenda, the show has already over twenty videos with topics ranging from Public Vehicles, Facebook Users, Typical Nepali Mums to Relationship. The only video that I’ve seen so far is the one by Aayush Shrestha on relationships. Shrestha has cleverly talked about relationships basing it on the relations of Nepal, India and China in mind. KaBOOM!

It’s a very entertaining take and pretty soon you’ll start thinking about who the Nepal, India or China in your friend circle is! Or who knows, maybe you’ll realise that you are one of the countries. Yikes!! Time to get the ‘GET OUT’ card. I can already think of one friend who I think needs to be recommended to go on this show. If you have someone you know, give the guys a shout-out and maybe your friend is a video away from becoming the next funny person online.

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