Sajha Sawal’s Bidhya Chapagain Returns With HERNE KATHA

Bringing short visual stories from across Nepal are Sajha Sawal’s Bidhya Chapagain and Kamal Kumar in the fairly recent YouTube show HERNE KATHA. Having binge-watched the entire four episodes, the stories conjure a range of emotions. “Gharko Katha”, episode 3 follows a family who return from Canada to visit the Beldangi camp in Eastern Nepal where they once sought refuge for a huge part of their lives after fleeing from Bhutan. As they walk around the barren land remembering memories from the past, their struggles of then is enough to make anyone shed a few tears.

With the videos ranging anywhere between 14 to 30 minutes, the videos are concise and enough to transport the viewer to a new story without giving away too much information. The very first episode, “Eauta School Ko Katha” is an equally fascinating story following the story of a faith school in mid-West Nepal. The diversity in culture, language, faith and customs really shine through in this episode. With two videos uploaded every month, I am already waiting for episode 5!

Give it a watch and remember; support the content you like. Give it a share on your social media or directly share the video with someone who you think will enjoy the content. Huge appreciation to shows like this that exposes, shares and informs viewers. I hope we do more as a viewer to support such story-telling.

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Lex Limbu
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