Ek Chin with Namrata Shrestha


Hello World,
Here is the one of the most anticipated videos from ‘Lex in Nepal’, Ek Chin with Namrata Shrestha. After a Facebook voting you guys voted Namrata on the person you would like to see the most on Ek Chin… after Prabal Gurung! Since PG was too far away from me, I got Namrata – only for you guys. We did the filming in Bhaktapur Durbar Square one early morning and it was a whole lot of fun. Thank you to the many that sent in their fan questions. If you enjoy the video then please share it through your medium 🙂
thank you to 
Alok Nembang
Siddhartha Shakya
Prawesh Limbu
Binod Gautam
Laxcha Bantawa
Supporting Editors
Samir Gurung
Warrak Limbu
Lex Limbuhttps://lexlimbu.com
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. lex…u luk quite nervous 🙂 but u luk cute …namrata is ok…khasai wow chaina …i loved wat malvika said abt her in the end …and alok omg ..he luk so funny when he speaks lol…but he is genius i like him..and btw rekha thapa i like her lex..y u alawats comment abt her 🙂 …goodluck lex…hope to see u ..more in video in future taramore confident hai ..goodluck tc lex

  2. btw promise amang ko chai kina ekchin with nagareko …coz i would love to see her 🙂 she is super talented gal

  3. gud job lex,,well done n keep it up and ya as 1st commenter said BE MORE CONFIDENT odarwise u rocks…thumps up bruv !!!!!!!!!!

  4. lex confidence has boomed a lot,and amazing interview.I really enjoyed a lot.As for namrata shrestha ,I dont have any words to describe.She is fabulous,and I want to wish her good luck for her bright career.Lastly,thanks lex and hoping to see more in the future.:)

  5. Gud job lexx..but is this video edited by tbe same person who did in yatri …?????doesnt look proffesional as yatri..

  6. Hi Lex
    A very nice concept. Really enjoyed watchin ek chin with Namrata. She looks beautiful.
    however, it would be better if namrata would have answered it in nepali….. nepali ma answer gareko bhaye ajha namrata ley afno prashna ko uttar ramrari dina saknu hunthiyo hola…its very clear in the video that she’s a bit uncomfortable answering your questions in english. nepali bolna kina garho huney ho?? atleast you ve tried using few words in nepali but disappointed with the lady.. beauty without brain

  7. good job…..paila dekhi nai don’t have high expectation from my videos re and promoting it like its really gonna be spectacular ani expectation high hudaina????anyways its as good as you.. it will get better I hope and loved the part where you asked what do have to say for people like ME and other people who wants to act or something?? so next Rajesh hamal or srikrishna stha??? anyways Namrata is a very beautiful lady with strong mind and a very good friend. I hope she achieves better in future. Good on you lex 😉

  8. thanks lex, for bringing namrata in ek chin with. im a big big fan of her i just love her acting its just amaze me the way she act & last but not the least she iz the most finest actress in nepal (K touwn) we have

  9. being a youth what ever u r doing is really appreciable, impressive…proud of you. but ya as others said u r lil bit nervous so..u need to maintain ur confidence..do something for change..gud luck…

  10. hatti ayo hatti ayo fussaaa!!! all this says about ur advertisement bfore and this video is a crap..hop we’ll get smthn nice to see in next vdoes

  11. a big wow lex, it was gret…. m a great fan of her… this video was very gud… hopr u’ll do other more too…

  12. hi Woody the woodpecker, u’ve 4got asking one important question to her/how she handled/felt at that situation when the clip leaked out?

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