UK Nepali Bazar – Event

Members of Cobweb visit the Mystic House Stall
UK Nepali Bazar was unlike the usual events that bombard our social networking sites or the ad space of Nepali newspapers that circulate in Britain. The bazar took place at the Oak Farm Community School in Farnborough on the 19th November and had more than a dozen stalls sellings from Nepali handicraft [thangkas.jewellery.rings.bracelets], food [chatpate.momo.etc], electonical accessories [ipodaccessories.chargers.etc] and promoting businesses such as beauty salons, event, catering, security and mortgage companies. Three charity groups were also present on the day; Live For Change, Naya Yuva and GMIN

At a time when national newspapers are publicising the friction between the Gurkha and the British community of the Rushmoor area this event could not have come at a better time as many non-Nepalis were seen at the bazar and all of them expressed nothing but gratefulness for such an event to have taken place. The bazar also managed to draw many Nepalis from the surrounding areas; most ranged from families to young adults. I was there representing Live For Change as we were selling pearl necklaces and printed t-shirts, more than the fundraising it was a great networking opportunity and I definitely think NAJIK.COM/the boys behind UK Nepali Bazar should do such an event soon, maybe at Folkestone/Ashford in a similar scale but with better promotion. A meaningful event, an afternoon well spent 😀

LAXme Beauty Salon from Reading
Live For Chage
Organisers – Nir Limbu and Prashant Thapa
Caught on kyaamera!
Photos: HAV, UnityNepal
Lex Limbu
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