Michael Jackson Memorial Fan Club in Nepal

Now I know that Michael Jackson has millions billions of fans all over the world but did you know a group of friends from Pokhara united by their love for the global popstar formed Nepal’s first Michael Jackson Memorial Fan Club and The Heal Trust Nepal after Jackson passed away in 2009. The fan club has been a success on many levels, from raising awareness of the work of Michael by holding dance workshops to performing in local events taking place in the Lake City, the fan club also supports charities with several events hosted where they have supported street children and orphanage’s. Now you might be thinking that this fan club operates from a keen follower’s bedroom but the Michael Jackson Memorial Fan Club also has an office. The organisation is currently headed by Rekha Nepali.

Sharing some photos from the MJMFC. 
More photos on their Facebook! Quite interesting right? 

PS. They’ve even been listed on a global MJ fansite.

At a children’s home
Fans of all ages
Chairperson – Rekha Nepali at a MJ Birthday event
Key Guests at the opening of Michael Jackson Memorial Fan Club
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  1. yet another step for the true tribute to the king of pop.wish them all the best in successful accomplishment of every attempts. AND YES, LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON FOREVER. REST IN PEACE

  2. we have to do something for those children rather then sitting on a chair ,watching news and just commeting on government……raise your voice and lend your hands so that we can do far better then what we did yesterday….and lastly keep loving Great Great Great Michael Jackson 🙂

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