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I present to you, the fourth installment from ‘Lex in Nepal’.

Seeing Kollywood

This video will literally take you to ‘See Kollywood’, we investigate to find how much traditional Nepali movies are still being enjoyed by the people and the views on Nepali Cinema from figures related with the industry. 

Hope you enjoy the watch and I don’t have much to say apart from thank you to the film makers, actors, and those people behind the cameras we never see, for continuously trying to provide us with entertainment. I’m sure it’s not an easy job when thousands are consistently being a critique of your work but I along with a small but growing number of people still believe that our cinema is going through a change for the good.

On the course of meeting directors, actors and people involved in Nepali cinema I also met an upcoming actor Wilson Bikram Rai who will be seen in Suraj Subba Nalbo’s upcoming release ‘Shayaad’. Rai played his character very well in Shayaad and left us so impressed that we decided to set up his personal youtube account with his videos to be enjoyed by the global Nepali. And over thousands of viewers already seem to be impressed with him as we have.

Jai Cinema, Jai Nepal.

Nakim Uddin
Malvika Subba
Sahana Bajracharya
Samyam Puri
Wilson Bikram Rai

Laxcha Thebe Bantawa

Prawesh Limbu

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Nepali Film industry is still stuck in that early 90’s Bollywood phase with bad acting, lousy script and racial stereotypes: People from Madhesh are comedian. Mongolian Girls are Sluts, Mongolian Men are Rapist and Menacing Thug. Chetrri & Bahuns are Always The Hero and Newars too.
    While south to the Border in India Danny Dezongpa a mongolian man can play a lead role and romance with Hema Malini and Zeenat Aman and can also play the Part of Mithun’s Dad. Amir Khan can also play the part with very distinctive Mongolian Name in Three Idiots.

    And there is nothing to write home about our new crop of director like Alok Nembang and the likes who blatantly plagiarize the whole movie from Korean Rom-Com or from Karan Johar Movies and are too scare to venture out and challenge the old racial stereotypes.

  2. Very good point there about racial stereotypes and plagiarizing of movies. No doubt Nepalese want to watch something in their own language but even new movies are not promising and are only playing catching up game with 80’s bollywood.Even new guys in ‘Kollywood’ clearly lack ideas on good script,dialogues,technical aspects.

  3. tbqh i actually liked the old films. it was full of cliches and over-acting. but that was Nepali film for me. they were so bad that they were good you get what i mean. And i’ve seen the new movies with their high definition shit and its like they try too hard to be hollywood. it just comes as total fake. you know like when someone tries too hard but ends up looking like a total douche. yeah…DON’T BE A SHEEP. BE ORIGINAL.

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