Tweet For Cause : Mission 5

tfcNepal’s mission 5 took place on the 17th December 2011 to support a visually-impaired center; Samyukta Distribihin Shrot Kachhya in Belahi of Udayapur. It was the first to be organised outside of Kathmandu therefore the number of tfc’ians present wasn’t too much but enough to make things happen. Those that contribute to @tfcNepal can feel good for their deeds as their generosity has gifted a smile on the faces of these children and young adults. Musical instruments such as a hamonium and madal were gifted so they continue to exercise their creativity as well as many clothes being distributed to keep them warm through this winter period. 

Below is a touching video of the welcome which the tfc’ians received at the center. 

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Lex Limbu
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