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”Kathmandu is a dirty city which no one is willing to clean. While everyone else waits for the government to do something about the garbage, one neighborhood has taken matters into it’s own hands.
For about 8 years the people of Lahure Tol have been cleaning up their neighborhood every Saturday morning. Lahure Tol is probably one of the cleanest neighborhood in Kathmandu. It is now time that the rest of us learn something from the people of Lahure Tol.”

Because we are responsible citizens and we must show that through our actions. Let Lahure Tol become an example. Doing something like this in your own tol is not impossible, it’s only challenging. If you can then take the first step. 

I wonder where about’s Lahure Tol is. Readers any impressive happenings in your tol?

Huge thanks to Good News Nepal for the upload and facebook share.

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. A few years ago because of the load shedding we had qite a few burglaries in the neighbourhood and as we know the government security system is quite bad so people in my neighbourhood came together to install alarms in everyones homes so if an emmergency occurs or we see some strange activities we could ring it and from each home at lease one person had to come for help and it worked …i think we caught 2 burglars in the neighbourhood in just a week if i remember correctly thanks to our neighbourhood community its now very safe to walk around even in the late hours…

  2. Yup, that is my tol, thank you Lex for bringing this to light though I’ve shared this last year!! Laure tol, kumarigal!!
    Its true every saturday each person from a household helps in cleaning the tol and there’s also small dust-bins tied around poles!
    So proud to be from Laure Tol!!

    Even the laxmi tol gate entrance(opposite Hyatt Hotel) was built by the residents of Laure Tol (mostly UK and Singapore ex-gurkhas and GURUNGS)!!

  3. 😀 hey!! my Tol !!, i love my Tol, i can’t remember the names but i know some people from the footage. Actully, I also did helped cleaning my Tol last august (holiday) ma it was fun :D. So proud and happy to be from Laure Tol!

  4. this is a really brilliant idea..and if every other tols started doing the same…woah how different wud it be from now:D

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