Keba Kokma – New Limbu Movie

I guess when one hears ‘Limbu Movie’ they instantly think of Numafung. That film has somewhat become a cult for the ethnic Nepali cinema. It’s an example of a film with great heights not only entertaining but equally educating. Here come’s another Limbu film, titled KEBA KOKMA which translates to ‘Lato Pahad’ in Nepali. The film which has been directed by Ravi Serma was filmed in Aangsarang gau in Pachthar (Mechi Zone). Worry not if you don’t understand the Limbu bhasa as the movie will be subtitled in English.

The film stars Sabin Tumbhahamphe and Prabin Pandak in lead roles. This is not the first time that Prabin has been in front of a camera as she has perviously worked alongside Rajesh Hamal and also modeled in several music videos. Professionally she’s an officer at Nepal Stock Exchange and a lecturer. Keba Kokma has been slated for a April release in Nepal.

The story unfolds on the issue of the rights and state of the Limbu ethnic community shown through a point of view from an illiterate Limbu family suffered by the same state that in reality should be protecting the rights of such groups.

Lex Limbu
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