Miss UK Nepal Set For Everest Expedition!

Current Miss UK Nepal 2011 Gaumaya Gurung is preparing herself for a long and strenuous 19 days long Expedition Everest as part of one of the challenges being oraganised by Childreach International later this year. Gaumaya and the girls of Miss UK Nepal 2011 recently raised a whopping net amount of 3050 GBP at the Beauty With a Purpose event. The charity event was anything but boring. From musical performances, dances to live poetry the audience was entertained throughout. There was even a special performance by the first ever Miss UK Nepal Nabina Gurung; dedicated to the girls of 2011.
Miss UK Nepal 2010 – Nabina Gurung
Whilst Gaumaya explains that ‘earning the trust’ from her team mates, performers, volunteers and the guests was the most challenging, she is glad that the outcome has been a success with the 3050 GBP being donated to Kopila Valley School via PayPal. The money will go towards the construction of a counselling centre in Kopila Valley School where abused and neglected children will be able to receive help from a trained counsellor. 
K? Crew
Ready to take the arduous task of fundraising but this time alone! Gaumaya is targeting to raise 2500 GBP of which two-third of the amount will go towards Childreach International. The raised money will go towards tele-medicine and education. Gaumaya want’s to send her thank you to everyone that was involved and those that attended the Beauty With a Purpose event and informs that she’s keen on working on a project for the welfare of the elderly and the youths in the UK, so your participation and ideas are needed. She’s ready to listen, implement  and support. Please write to her at kabita_grg78@hotmail.com
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PS. If you were wondering where the one-third of the raised fund will go, it will go towards the expenses! Fees, Accomodation and the whatnot which Childreach International will be managing. 

Photo Courtesy: Omkar Gurung
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  1. omg tyo mathi ko pic ma bra dhekheko cha ..wth miss uk nepal bhayesi ta alik wasta garnu parcha ni 🙂 ….take it positively gauri maya ..but luks like u r not dat perfect ….all are counting on u ..bra thing is so dissapointing lol

  2. bra ko strap dekhidai ma koi imperfect hudaina =] take it positively Nobody’s perfect, you ought to make yourself perfect.

  3. hoina miss nepal bhayesi alik bichar garnu po bhaneko ..ni i not saying or judging her coz everyone luks up for miss uk nepal..it represent our nepal n our culture …bra strap is sooo small thing but small thing makes a huge impact …tyo bra strap bholi jenifer lopez ko bhaye E news ma headline ma authiyo …coz c is superstar everyone is counting on her….dont just luk into bra…it tells story behind the person…btw maile timilai bhaneko haina ..maile gauri maya lai bhaneko ,….ani the person who won miss nepal uk …obv c will take it positively coz kunai pani manchay mathi badna sakdaina if a person doesnot take it positively..:) ..just like lex…their are so many people calling him saying gay …but does he care nooooo….dats why he is doing so fine now…:)

  4. ‘maile timilai vaneko haina’? maile timile malai nai vaneko ho pani vanya chuena.. teipani pic rakhney manchey le po notice garnu parchha kun pic suitable hunchha vanera.. yesma usko k dosh? suggestion vanney kura LOL vandai didaina mate.
    P.S. usko name gau maya ho gauri maya hoina =]

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