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Thousands of people from over 190 countries filmed their life on the 24th July 2010. YouTube received 80,000 submissions of over 4,500 hours of footage and condensed it down to 94 minutes to create the movie/documentary ‘Life In A Day’. The full film has been made available on youtube for quite a while now.

If you dislike the movie then you dislike life. It’s simple. There’s everything. Someone going through illness, heartbreak, birth, confrontation, betrayal and the feeling of going nowhere. It’s surely worth a watch. 

Nothing is as more beautiful in life than watching life. A loved one slowly passing away, a new baby being born, animals being killed to provide food for us and or the struggle of the poor. These challenges, inequality, hope, greed and sometimes betrayal adds on to the journey. Embrace the moment 🙂
PS. Nepal get’s a feature as well thanks to the Korean cyclist!
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Directed by Kevin Macdonald and the YouTube Community

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. That’s a harsh comment you just made “someone who doesn’t like this movie certainly does’nt love life”i as an art student i really like you but i think what you said is so ignorant ..well i watched this movie couple of months ago and totally fell in love with it but i do know people who didn’t like the movie but they are definately in love with life …The beauty of art is so personal to everyone.. but Not everyone likes The Mona Lisa .. not everyone likes the choices of colours in it .. or the Tour Eiffel some people cannot understand why the world keeps selling it as a fashion icon or “romantic getaway”when the only thing impressive about it is the technique and the time frame it was built in or works of Pablo Picasso it touches heart of so many and to some it’s just another coloured canvas …i am certainly not a fan of all of the things i just mentioned… i am more in love with Micheal Angelo’s “David”or Anish Kapoor’s “when i am Pregnant”..but if someone doesn’t i respect that i will not have any judgements against it .. i really think that the point is we all have different perspectives about artwork and movies…and this particular one is a piece of art … weather you like it or you don’t it has nothing to do with what the art represents …

    Chasing Sparks

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