How great is that right?
Signaturee Crew that recently had the very successful NEON PARTY on the 21st December have donated $431.00 USD to Empower1. First off, they did not ask me to blog this if that’s what you were thinking. I came across this photo and got in contact with Bisesh Gurung from Signaturee Crew for more information. 

Empower1 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the empowerment of underprivileged children in Nepal by means of quality education, building of life skills and supportive environment for them to grow and flourish. So the money that Signaturee Crew donated will go towards the construction of two eco-friendly bathrooms for the orphanage that Empower1 currently supports. At the present, the forty-four children are sharing one bathroom which has led to unhygienic conditions at the children’s home.
Great job Signaturee Crew!

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